How To Use h3lix To Jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 Devices [Guide]


In this tutorial, you’ll learn, in a step-by-step method below, the easy way to jailbreak iOS 10.3.3 using h3lix semi-tethered jailbreak on 32-bit iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Fans of iOS jailbreak can download the first ever public h3lix iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak for free. It works on 32-bit devices. h3lix jailbreak is available in semi-tethered form, which means you will be required to re-jailbreak your device after every reboot – it may be inconvenient but unfortunately there is no getting around this hindrance associated with semi-tethered jailbreak exploits for iOS.

Moreover, if you have a free Apple Developer ID, you will have to sideload the IPA file and resign/sideload it after every seven days due to Apple imposed restrictions on free account. However, those with paid developer account IDs can run this jailbreak and continue to use it for a period of up to full one year before needing to resign/resideload h3lix jailbreak IPA file, which is more convenient as it relieves you from having to resign it every week or so. With that in mind, now let’s see the steps that you need to perform in order to iOS 10.3.3 jailbreak using h3lix.

Step 1 – First, download he3lix jailbreak IPA file for 32-bit iOS 10.3.3 devices from this link: Download h3lix IPA And Learn Everything About 32-Bit Jailbreak.

Step 2 – Now download latest version of Cydia Impactor tool from the official source: or download it here.

Step 3 – You can restore your 32-bit device to iOS 10.3.3 using iTunes. Restoring gives your device a fresh start which is recommended for error free installation and running of this new jailbreak. Make sure to backup device data before starting. You can use iOS 10.3.3 IPSW to restore your device using iTunes. Here are the IPSW download links: Download iOS 10.3.3 IPSW Final Version Links For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Users of 32-bit devices running iOS 11 or later can follow this tutorial on how to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3.3 for jailbreak.

Step 4 – Now connect your device to computer via USB lightening cable.

Step 5 – Launch Cydia Impactor tool on your PC or Mac.

Step 6 – Now to sideload h3lix jailbreak IPA using Cydia Impactor, follow the instructions in this tutorial: How To Sideload iOS App IPA Using Cydia Without Jailbreak.

Step 7 – After sideloading and trusting of the profile is complete, launch the h3lix jailbreak app on your iOS device.

Step 8 – Hit the “Jailbreak” button located in the center of the app’s interface and wait for the process to finish.

Step 9 – Once complete, you should see Cydia icon on the home screen of your device.

Step 10 – Now tap on the “jailbreak” button in the h3lix app once again to re-jailbreak your device into jailbreak mode.

Step 11 – Wait for the respring to complete. Now your device should be in jailbreak mode. Start using Cydia and installing cool jailbreak tweaks.

jailbreak ios 10.3.3 using h3lix

Step 12 – That’s all.

If you are not satisfied with h3lix jailbreak, here is how to remove jailbreak using Cydia eraser to return to stock firmware.

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