How To Upgrade / Downgrade On Unsigned iOS Firmware Using SHSH2 Blobs For Prometheus

download shsh2 blobs to downgrade upgrade on unsigned ios

In this tutorial, we are going to walk you through the process of downloading SHSH2 for Prometheus to upgrade / downgrade on unsigned iOS firmware via TSS Saver. We are going to explain the process in the the tutorial below in simplest possible terms so that anyone can follow to upgrade / downgrade unsigned iOS firmware using SHSH2 blobs for Prometheus using TSS Saver.

One of the biggest problems that many iOS users face involves upgrading or downgrade their device’s iOS version onto the iOS firmware that’s no longer officially supported by Apple. Jailbreak fans would be familiar with this issue. When Apple stop digitally signing an iOS version, it becomes virtually impossible to either upgrade or downgrade onto the it. But thanks to iOS developer and tweaker titmstar who has released a new tool called Prometheus which possess the capability of gleaning together the important information required to upgrade or downgrade to an iOS version that doesn’t get Apple signature support. The tool is being tipped to be released on the New Year’s eve and works on already jailbroken 64-bit iOS devices.

Why Use .SHSH2 Blobs?

As you might have come across the news that Luca Tedesco is one the verge of releasing the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak exploit based on Google’s Project Zero. This, soon to be released, tool will come in handy in many situations, especially those who are using iOS 9.3.3 jailbroken devices and preferred to remain on iOS 9.3.3 instead of upgrading to iOS 10.1.1 until the fully working jailbreak for the iOS 10 or above becomes available. Those of you can save .shsh2 blobs for iOS 10.1.1 right away, so that when the iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak exploit finally drops, they can easily upgrade from iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 10.1.1 even though Apple no longer signs iOS 10.1.1.

A companion toll called tsschecker has been released by the developer which allows your to save .shsh2 blobs necessary to upgrade / downgrade on unsigned iOS. As the previous tool that used the tsschecker to save .shsh2 blobs was based on a complex process that required technical know-how of the matter, this prompted the emergence of a new toll called TSS Saver by none other than 1Conan iOS developer and tweaker. This new tool has greatly reduced the level of difficulty of saving .shsh2 blobs, which is now a lot more user-friendly as we are going to show you in the guide below.

How To Save .shsh2 blobs To Upgrade / Downgrade On Unsigned Versions Of iOS Firmware – [The Easy Way]

In the process below, you will be using a web-based tool that only requires you to connect your iOS device to PC, get your device information, and enter it into the tool. Here’s how:

1 – Start off by noting down the ECID number of your device.

2 – Make sure you have an iOS device, lightening cable, and iTunes software installed on PC.

3 – Plug your device to PC via lightening cable and open iTunes on PC.

4 – Click on the Summary tab on the left-pane of the iTunes interface.

5 – Locate the Serial Number on the right-pane, and keep click until your see ECID number.

6 – Now, right-click on the ECID and copy it to the clipboard or any other notepad app your use on PC.

Note: Those who are using macOS Sierra and iOS running devices, can copy the ECID number to Universal Clipboard to automatically save it across multiple devices.

Also, note that TSS Saver only accepts the ECID number value in hexadecimal value format. So if you have the ECID number in decimal format, use any online calculator tool to convert it into the hexadecimal format.

7 – Now, note down your device’s Model Identifier. Just in step-5, keep clicking on Serial Number on the right-pane of iTunes until you see the Model Identifier.

8 – With both Model Identifier and ECID number in hexadecimal format, go the to access TSS Saver.

9 – Paste ECID hexadecimal value in the ECID box.

10 – Select your device’s type and model number that’s matches the Identifier section value on iTunes.

11 – After entering all required values, click on the I’m not a robot reCAPTCHA and hit Submit button.

12 – Wait as the online tool saves the .shsh2 blobs for all iOS firmware versions currently being signed by Apple.

13 – Once done, you will be taken to the result page where you will be able to downloaded saved blobs.

14 – That’s all.

Moreover, if you forget or lose downloaded .shsh2 blobs or link, you can download them again by heading over to”decimal ECID”. Just enter ECID in hexadecimal format instead of decimal like in the guide above and you will be all good. Alternatively, go to the official website of the tool and enter the hexadecimal ECID where it says Lost your link? and hit Get your blobs button to get new .shsh2 blobs links.

Wait for the Prometheus tool to release and follow the steps above to downgrade / upgrade on unsigned iOS firmware on your device. Send feedback or ask for assistance to know more in the comments section below.

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