How To Unroot Any Android Device Using 1-Click [The Easy Way]


Here’s how to fully unroot Android device the easy way by using a 1-click solution. Ever wondered whether it is possible to unroot your Android device completely with a single tap? If yes, then your search should end here because we are going to show you the best way to quickly unroot Android device with one-click.

Rooting a device is one of life’s greatest pleasures for the fans of Android firmware. Having the ability to root phone or tablet is among the main reasons many prefer Android over iOS. Rooting gives users total control over all aspects of their device’s firmware that can be tweaked as much as you like to personalize its working. You can customize a rooted device in ways that is not possible on a stock firmware. Processor of a rooted device can be overclocked to its maximum potential for running certain apps that require extra power. This comes as really useful especially on older devices due to hardware limitations. For instance, see how to overclock Galaxy S5 processor. Moreover, root helps increase the battery life by installing tweaks and MODs designed to manage the battery at its optimum level for various tasks. You can install custom firmware and ROMs on a rooted Android device to enjoy features that are not available on a stock firmware or due to restrictions from the manufacturer’s side.

All the benefits of rooting aside, sometimes you might not want root access enabled on your device for a reason. For example, you may want to unroot your device before taking it the official shop for repair or replacement. Rooting is not supported by Android manufacturers because companies consider it harmful to the functioning of their smartphones and therefore refuse to entertain any request for repair if the damage is done due to the installation of an unauthorized tool. This is a uniform practice among all Android OEMs.

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So, if you want to unroot your device, then you will find following instructions useful for the task. You can apply this on any older or new Android device from any manufacturer such as Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, and others. In the passage below you will find a working solution to unroot your Android smartphone with a single click.

unroot android using one click the easy way

Most Android root methods involve the use of an app called SuperSU. It is the superuser access management tool which provides root access to the apps installed on a rooted device. SuperSu acts as a pathway through which apps can access root of the system files to modify their working so as to enable users to tweaks firmware according to personal liking.

Now to fully revoke root access on your device, you need to open the SuperSU app from the app drawer of your device. In the SuperSU app, there are three tabs: Apps, Logs and Settings. Tap on the Settings tab and scroll down until you see the “Full Unroot Option”.

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A warning message will pop up saying that the root access has been revoked. Hit continue button and the device will reboot. After boot, the SuperSU app won’t be there on your device anymore, which means it’s no longer rooted.

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