How to Unlock Secret iPhone Settings – Access Hidden Features on iOS device


We all know that iOS is a closed platform, Apple doesn’t like anyone tinkering with its OS which makes it difficult to access hidden features on iOS. Settings on smartphones allow you to change things according to personal liking, so that you can view things the way you like. However, with iOS reaching some parts of the OS are a no go for users because Apple thinks it better for users to stay away from certain settings on the pretext of user security and OS stability. But There is also a way using which you can unlock hidden iPhone settings and make new changes that’s hard for normal user to pull off.

Tips and tricks mentioned in this post will help you to access deepest and farthest features of the iOS device. To make these changes and to access them you would need USSD codes, just enter the codes and whole new world of iPhone secrets open up for you.


Android is more open than iOS which allows users to customize and personalize Android devices. iOS is more closed OS type which makes it tough for users to make changes to its structure to customize things as per liking. However, this is not the case anymore because here we are about to mention some tricks using which you can unlock secret iPhone settings and perform amazing new functions to brag about in front of friends.

How to Unlock Hidden iPhone Settings:

By entering certain USSD codes through the Phone app on iPhone allows you to unlock new things. USSD codes are a combination of digits and characters after typing which you need to tap the call button on the iPhone’s phone app to bring about changes.

Note: Follow instructions carefully, mistake could lead to certain functions not performing at an optimum level on iPhone. User discretion is advised.

Enter following codes in the Phone app on iPhone:

*225# (postpaid users only) – Check current bill’s balance

*777# (prepaid users only) – Check account balance

*#43* – Check call waiting status on the phone

*#76# – To check connection line presentation

*#5005*7672# – Check SMS center

#43# – Deactivate call waiting

*#33# – To see the list of blocked features

*#21# – See call forward status

*3001#12345#* – To activate field mode to see technical settings and to change signal bar into number

*#06# – See phone’s IMEI number

*3370# – Activate/Deactivate EFR (Enhanced Full Rate), improve iPhone voice quality but drains battery fast

*#62# – See which number calls will be forwarded in case of no service

*43# – Activate call waiting

*#61# – To check number of missed calls

*#31# – Select whether or not to hide your phone number

These codes save you time and effort to perform all above mentioned functions on iPhone. There is no other way of seeing these functions directly from settings app on iPhone, entering above codes makes it easier pull off all these functions which Apple doesn’t want you to tinker with in the first place.

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