How to Unlock PC Windows Using Android Fingerprint Sensor

how to use android fingerprint scanner to unlock windows

Now let’s take a look at the proven method to unlock Windows PC using fingerprint sensor of Android device. It is now possible to directly unlock your Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 desktop PC or laptop using Android device’s fingerprint scanner as shown in the guide below.

This method will allow you to sync the single pass encryption for both Android and Windows devices in a few simple steps, after which you will be able to easily unlock Windows device remotely from your Android phone’s fingerprint sensor. This trick can come in really useful when you are in rush to log in to your Windows PC and want to avoid lengthy password typing process to gain access to the operating system. You can also use this facility to remotely unlock a Windows device if you are not physically present near the device and someone you trust want to use your computer.

Thanks to advancements in Android mobile firmware you can tweak it to use the fingerprint scanner on mobile or tablet to unlock the Windows PC. It has added benefit of providing extra security to your Windows device as it can only be unlocked via Android phone. In a step-by-step guide below, we have explained a method to set Android’s fingerprint scanner to unlock PC Windows .

How to Unlock Windows PC using Fingerprint Scanner of Android Device

The method below will require you to have some tools at your disposal, including the Taskbar, Unified Remote for Android, Unified Remote Server for Windows, Autotools Beta and so on. Here are the steps:

1 – First and foremost, you need to set/activate fingerprint sensor on your Android device.

2 – Next, download and install the Unified Remote Server application on your Windows PC and Android device.

3 – Launch the Unified Remote Server app and use it to find the IP address of your Windows PC and note it down somewhere.

4 – Now, download Tasker tool from the Google Play Store and use it to make a 3 quick tasks to encrypt your Windows password. Keep reading to learn how to do it.

tasker android app

5 – Now, inside the Tasker app, create a new task and give it any easy name you like to use later in the process below. However, this name may not work more than once, so perform the following steps to make some changes in order to avoid having to perform above this step every single time:

  • Go to Variables > Variable Set.
  • Replace %pass with your Windows PC password. Don’t forget this password.
  • Now, go to Plugins > AutoTools > AutoTools Text and for %pass go to the encryption and set it to encrypt the pass and give it a name which could be any easy to remember phrase.
  • Next, go to Variables > Variable Set and rename %EncryptedPass to %attextresult(). This is to save your password as a global variable for easy access.

6 – Now execute the above task once and delete it as you won’t be needing it after that, so it’s safe to delete.

7 – Next, you need to create a new task and name it, let’s say, Fingerprint Unlock for easy reference. For that, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Plugins > AutoTools > AutoTools Dialog.
  • Under AutoTools Dialog, Type Fingerprint next to Dialog Type. And then PC Fingerprint as Title. See the image below for help.
  • Set Number of Tries: 1Failed Message: Error: Fingerprint not recognized.
  • Everything else can be set as you like.
  • Now go to Plugins > AutoTools > AutoTools Text and enter following this information next to each setting: Text: %EncryptedPass, Variable Name: %pass. Head over to encryption and select Decrypt. For password, enter the encryption password you created above.
  • Now, in Net > Browse URL enter URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:press/extra:space/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE and wait for it few seconds.
  • Again, Net > Browse URL, URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:text/extra:%pass/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE and wait a few seconds.
  • Once more, Net > Browser URL, URL: ur://intent/remote:Core.Keyboard/action:press/extra:enter/destination:YOURPCNAMEHERE and wait a few seconds.

See image below to get a better idea about how and where to enter above information:

unlock windows with android fingerprint scanner

6 – Once above information has been enter via the Tasker app you can now unlock your Windows PC directly using the Android device’s fingerprint sensor.

7 – That’s all.

So this is what you needed to do to be able to unlock PC Windows directly from the fingerprint sensor on Android device. There is no need to enter Windows password to enter the operating system on computer. It’s a really quick and short way to set Android fingerprint scanner to unlock Windows PC. Try this and share this cool trick with friends. For further help, drop queries in the comments section below.

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