How To Unlock iPhone X With Face ID In ‘Laying Flat on Table’ Position


If you have recently purchased Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone X, with the facial recognition technology for unlock device and making payments via Apple Pay Cash, then you must have noticed that the new Face ID method doesn’t exactly work as it should to unlock device when it is laying in a flat resting position on table. In this post, we are going to discuss a way to address this bugbear.

The iPhone X is now available in multiple countries. Initial supply woes saw people struggling to place order or have their orders delivered in time due to device shortage caused by exorbitantly high demand. But things are back to normal as Apple quickly managed to get the supply situation back on track. Still, in some countries, users are facing delays in delivery leading up to several weeks in some cases. All this highlights that Apple has once again managed to knock it out of the park in terms of setting sales records for the new iPhone. One major reason behind the success of iPhone X is the new Face ID. It is used for unlocking device and to make payments via Apple Pay, but it’s not completely without flaws. Being a new technology, some issues are bound to surface as regards the Face ID on iPhone X. One of these is the difficulty of unlocking phone through Face ID when it is placed in a flat position on tablet. So, let’s see how to get around this hindrance.

How To Use Face ID To Unlock iPhone X When It’s Resting Flat On Table

Face ID is the being sold as the USP of the new iPhone X along with the near bezel-less display. This new technology takes advantage of the TrueDepth camera system to recognize the face of device’s owner for unlocking it. This has got people talking about the new iPhone. Some reports are saying that a sizable number of iPhone X users cannot unlock their device when it’s laying on a flat surface. This is because of the position of the TrueDepth camera system inside the notch.


It is definitely an issue when compared with the previous Touch ID system that allowed users to touch the sensor on the home button from multiple angles to unlock their phone. But the facial recognition system doesn’t work like that. Apple did demonstrate that the Face ID works even when the iPhone X is placed flat on a surface, as shown in the above picture. But why does it not work for some users? Well, as it turns out, in order to ensure that the Face ID works to unlock the device even when it is placed on a flat surface, you need to make sure that the facial recognition system captures your face from the right angle. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 – This trick requires resetting Face ID. It may be a bit inconvenient for some but a necessary compromise nonetheless if you want to make this method work. You will be required to head over to the Settings app.

Step 2 – In Settings, go to the Face ID & Passcode section. Enter your passcode when prompted.

Step 3 – Now select the Reset Face ID option. This will record your facial structure all over again to set it up as new for unlocking purposes.

Step 4 – Complete the process of setting up a new facial ID by following the on-screen instructions. But make sure to hold iPhone X at waist-height facing up to your face when rotating your head while allowing the camera to capture your facial features to create a composite image. This will provide all the necessary angles needed to unlock the device when it is on a flat surface.

Step 5 – That’s it.

You have successfully set a new Face ID which will work to unlock iPhone X when it’s placed on a flat surface. Let us know if this method worked for you in the comments section below.

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