How To Unlock Bootloder Of Sony Xperia Devices – [The Best Way]

unlock bootloader of sony xperia devices the easy way

Here’s how to unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia devices using the simplest and easiest method currently available. Android being an open source firmware allows you to perform lots of customization tasks using custom ROMs, custom firmware, kernels, mod, similar other features and tools. Which is why Android commands largest smartphone market share in the world. Just like any other Android device, Sony Xperia devices also offer a wide range of customization choices to users. But in order to install custom recoveries, firmware, mod and more, you need to first unlock bootloader on your Xperia device.

Before moving on to the business end of unlocking bootloader of Sony Xperia, you need to know what is bootloder, what does it do and why it comes locked out of the box? Bootloader is an important part of the Android firmware on your device, on one hand it ensures that the device’s firmware starts without any issue, on the other hand it keeps the software stable and in proper working condition. Bootloader keeps the check on the operations and dynamics of device’s components such as processor, hardware like network radio, bluetooth and other aspects. By default, Android firmware straight out of Google allows for base bootloader functions, which is then embellished by device manufacturers who optimize device bootloader according to their company’s policy of necessary restrictions and security requirements. In the end, bootloader’s main aim is to keep the device secure from outside interference and tinkering, and block the path of custom firmware from getting installed on manufacturer’s device.

In order to gain unrestricted access to all device feature you need to unlock bootloader first. Unlocked bootloader allows you to flash custom firmware, ROMs, custom recoveries to tweak device’s features. You should note that unlocking bootloader voids device’s warranty, you will no longer be able to claim warranty or get it fixed or replaced from official channels if something goes wrong with it.

Like i mentioned above, since Android is an open source firmware that allows for unlimited possibilities of developing features, apps, tools for Android devices, there isn’t going to be any stopping Android development anytime soon. To enable developers to perform Android development tasks without any restrictions, Android OEMs offer an ability to officially unlock bootloader.

After unlocking bootloader on your device, you’ll be able to root your mobile, flash custom ROMs, recoveries and firmware. Moreover, you can flashing .img files to install custom tools, flash SuperSU to activate root access and lots more. In the method below, you are going to show you how to unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia devicesofficial link. You can find help for unlocking bootloader on Sony’s Xperia devices from the . But here, we are going to break it down in simple steps so that anyone, even non-expert users, can understand the way of unlocking bootloader of Xperia devices.


There are something you should be aware of before unlocking bootloader of Sony Xperia.

  • Unlocking bootloader of Sony Xperia devices will void device’s warranty.
  • Unlocking bootloader is a custom process and if not followed properly will result in your device getting bricked or damaged. We will not be responsible for any damage.
  • Backup device data including .TA partition as the process below will wipe out data.
  • Unlocking bootloader break Bravia Engine 2 on some devices, which can only be recovered by restoring the TA partition. Only way to avoid this is to find a way of rooting Xperia that doesn’t require unlocking bootloader first. You can find rooting without unlocking bootloader from XDA forum, but for that you may be asked to first downgrade your device to older Android firmware version to root it without unlocking bootloader. If Bravia Engine 2 is not your concern, then follow the steps below.

How To Unlock Sony Xperia Bootloader:

1 – Install ADB & Fastboot drivers on PC. See Minimal ADB / Fastboot tool.

2 – Now check whether unlocking bootloader on your device is allowed or not. For that, type *#*#7378423#*#* code on your device.

3 – This will open a new menu where navigate to Service info > Configuration > Bootloader Unlock. If it returns Bootloader Unlocked: YES, it means bootloader unlocking is allowed.

4 – In your device’s dialer, type #06# to see the IMEI number of your phone and note it.

5 – Now, power off your device.

6 – Open Minimal ADB and Fastboot command prompt. See ADB & Fastboot command prompt help in the link above.

7 – Now, Press the Volume UP or Back key on your device and connect it to PC without releasing the key. The back key works on older devices, while Volume Down key works on Xperia devices launched after 2011.

8 – To be on a safe side, make sure you device has latest firmware version installed on it before unlocking bootloder.

9 – Next, in the ADB command prompt, type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version and hit enter to verify you device is properly connected. If the command above returns device’s build number, it means connection is successful.

10 – Now go to this page and accept terms and conditions by Sony to unlock the bootloader.

11 – After terms and conditions, enter you name, phone’s IMEI number (without the last digit of IMEI number), your email address and hit submit button.

12 – Sony will send an email with the key to unlock device’s bootloader.

13 – In the command prompt, type fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce oem unlock 0xKEY and replace KEY with the code that you received in the email from Sony and hit enter.

14 – After hitting the enter key, bootloader will be unlocked on your Xperia device.

15 – That’s all.

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