How to Unlock All Password, Pattern or Pin Protected Android Devices without Data Wipe


Forgetting device password, pin or pattern is not uncommon. We all forget passwords or device unlock pins all the time and it gets worse when the only way to unlock or to bypass unlock code is to wipe the entire device data and restore it to factory settings. This annoyingly takes time and effort. But finally a fix has arrived to address this issue. A new app created by XDA’s joeSk01 has revolutionized device protection bypass methods. With this app installed on your device you can unlock any Android device protected by password, pin or pattern without wiping device data as we are going to show you how below in this post.

You should never compromise on your device’s safety, always keep it password or pin protected. If you happen to lose your Android phone then see our detailed guide on how to track lost Android device. If you haven’t taken precautionary measure of protecting your Android device with password, finger-print lock, pin code or pattern lock then in case of theft or lost, you are left with no other option but to clean the entire device data and restore it to factory settings to prevent personal information from falling into wrong hands.

But there is also a flip side to device protection codes, that if you forget them it also warrants complete data wipe out to unlock Android device protected by password, pin, finger-print or pattern. Which also creates hassle. But new Unlock Me app enables you to unlock Android devices without having to remove device data to regain access to it.

In order to use Unlock Me app, you must first flash your Android device via TWRP Custom Recovery tool. If you haven’t flashed your device yet, then check out out TWRP Recovery Tool guide.

Apart from the mobile version Unlock Me is also available for PC. But to unlock protected Android device even through PC requires installing the app on mobile first. It best that you download both mobile and PC version of Unlock Me from links below and install them immediately.

How to Unlock Password, Pattern or Pin Protected Android Devices without Clearing Device Data.

Download Unlock Me App from links below and flash them via TWRP custom recovery.

Unlock Me for Android | Unlock Me for PC

Also make sure that your device has updated USB drivers installed on it to allow the PC to detect your Android device before unlocking it.

Connect your device with PC via USB cable and open Unlock Me app. Click on the Unlock button to bypass security lock and start using the device again without needing to wipe out entire device data.

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