How To Unblock Instagram on School Computers and WiFi

unblock instagram at school wifi and computers

Unblock Instagram at School on Computer over WiFi: Attention all students! In this tutorial, you’ll see an ingenious method to Unblock Instagram at School WiFi and computers. Instagram is the world’s biggest photo sharing app, which makes it understandable as to why so many students try to share memorable moments of school days on the famous photo application. But there is one hurdle often faced by students in most schools across the globe and that’s the restrictions imposed by college & school administration on Instagram’s use within their premise. Instagram accounts of users cannot be accessed over school’s WiFi network and computers. We are living in an age where social media craze has become a new norm. Instagram is world’s second biggest social network after Facebook with over a billion active users according to a recent estimate. People use Instagram to share photos and short videos of their memories with friends, family, relatives, colleagues, and during travel. But in schools it’s not easy to access Instagram via School WiFi or on computers. In this post, you’ll see how to get Instagram unblocked at School over WiFi and on college computers.

In most schools, official policy dictates that students may not be allowed to login to their Instagram accounts. Any attempt to unblock Instagram at school computers gets blocked by the system administrators to regulate the use of internet during school hours. This is often the case not only in school but also at workplaces, colleges, universities, and offices. But what it doesn’t allow is for student to get access to many great features of websites like Instagram and Facebook for photo & video sharing, uploading and viewing moments of field trips, find useful information about lab experiments, live lessons via video feeds, and to perform many other useful tasks. However, restrictions on the use of social media also has its merit as it can get distracting and affect student’s performance during school hours. But, as you know, blocking access to the information on internet is never the right way to go about the business. So, here you will find answers to your question about how do i unblock Instagram at School WiFi and access Instagram accounts over school internet. As a bonus to our dedicated readers, here are free Netflix accounts with password that work in 2017, try as many as you can until you find the one that works on your device and region.

Unblock Instagram on School and Workplace WiFi & Computers – Benefits

  • Students can click snaps and share them while on a field trip.
  • Office workers can look for images related to their current work related assignment, especially photojournalists, educators, and others.
  • Students can record and live share videos of lab experiments and important snaps linked to their projects.
  • Sometimes, your eye catches an interesting view or information that you want to quickly share with parents, relatives and Instagram followers.
  • Record and share seminar sessions and share images on Instagram under a dedicated hashtag to keep those who couldn’t make it well informed about the proceedings.
  • Snap, record and share positive thoughts and images of your day at work or in school to motivate others.

In short, there are plenty of positive uses of Instagram at Schools. In the tutorial below, we are going to discuss the method to unblock Instagram at school using best VPN service in order to bypass school’s internet restrictions and unblock Instagram as well as other social networking sites.

unblock instagram on school wifi

How to Unblock Instagram on School Computer & WiFi

In case you were wondering, most school admins use IP addresses to block access to certain services and webpages. Every digital device has its own dedicated IP address that is used to access internet. It is a bit different for LAN connections as they use the NAT technology to access internet with the help of public IP addresses in the pool. So, you now know that school admins use your device’s IP address to block its access to certain websites and services such as Instagram.

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It doesn’t matter whether you use personal mobile/tablet or school computer, as soon as it gets connected to the school internet the IP address of your device gets registered, and it can no longer access blocked services including Instagram. So, to bypass this restriction we should get a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which works to manipulate IP address of your device and allows you to unblock Instagram on School computers.

Steps to Unblock Instagram app at School WiFi & Computers

First of all, you should get a reliable VPN app to start the process that will allow you to Unblock Instagram at School WiFi. Follow the steps below:

  • Sign Up for a VPN service: You will need a working account username and password to login to VPN. There are so many amazing VPN providers, such as Psiphon, Turbo VPN, X-VPN, PPTP VPN for iOS, and others. PC users see how to set up VPN connection on Windows 10 or read how to setup VPN server on Windows 10 devices. Or you can google the one that suits your requirements. Make sure to download a free VPN because most cost money and free ones offer limited free features.
  • Once you are done with download VPN client on your school or workplace computer, next step is to install it. For that you need to have School or office computer’s administrator password at hand.
  • Follow on-screen setup instructions to complete the installation process. Launch VPN tool and log in with user account credentials.
  • Select the protocol from the available options, PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN and connect to a VPN server. Mostly, VPN Server address details are given on the VPN webpage from where you have downloaded the VPN tool. Its better to choose VPN server nearer to your current physical location for fast browsing.
  • You can start private and secure internet browsing without restrictions. Simply launch Instagram app and login to start using it, even at School or Office WiFi & computers.

That’s it. Hopefully it helped you to get around restrictions imposed on the use of Instagram and other social media websites on School/office WiFi and computers. So, did this post help you to Unblock Instagram at School computer over WiFi? Send your feedback in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with friends.

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