How To Turn Your Android Device Into A WiFi Hotspot Router

enable and secure wifi hotspot on android

WiFi connection has become a necessity of modern day lifestyle. Knowing how to turn your Android Device into a WiFi hotspot can be very useful as it ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity. Android allows you to use Android device as a WiFi hotspot feature to share your internet connection to family, friends and other nearby colleagues in case the internet on their device isn’t working.

Ability to turn your Android device into a WiFi hotspot comes in handy in several situations such as playing games, traveling, streaming, music sharing, and similar other situations. You can protect your WiFi hotspot connection to ensure that only those you allow can access your device’s internet connection. If you are reading this post, it may be because you are finding it hard to enable WiFi hotspot on Android device. In that case, see our guide below to learn how to use your Android device as WiFi hotspot router to share internet with nearby devices.

How To Enable WiFi Hotspot On Android

1 – Open Settings app from your Android device’s app drawer.

2 – Head over to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot option.

3 – Enable Portable Wi-Fi hotspot option by turning the toggle next to it to the ON position.

4 – That’s all you need to do to enable WiFi hotspot sharing option on Android device.

Android WiFi hotspot has been activated on your device. However, there are some important steps left that you need to perform in order to protect your WiFi hotspot connection to ensure no unauthorized person can access it. When you activate WiFi hotspot on your Android device, it isn’t password protected by default, you need to do it manually. Settings a password for your Android device’s WiFi hotspot means only those with whom you share password can access hotspot on your device. It’s important to note that enabling WiFi hotspot can slower the internet speed on your device as the internet is being used by multiple devices at once. Moreover, high data charges could apply if you use WiFi hotspot over mobile data network.

Here’s how you can secure your WiFi Hotspot so that no unwanted person can gain access to it. This will also enable you to control the number of people you can use WiFi hotspot connection from your device.

enable portable hotspot on android

How To Setup WiFi Hotspot On Android

1 – Go to Settings > More > Tethering & portable hotspot.

2 – Tap on Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

3 – On the pop-up box there will be three options: Network name, Security, Select AP Band.

4 – From Network name option, set the desired name for your WiFi hotspot connection.

5 – After that, tap on the Security option, and select the WPA2 PSK from the drop-down option list.

6 – Once done, set the password for your WiFi hotspot.

7 – Now, tap on the Select AP bandwidth option. Here, you will see two more options, if your device supports 5 GHz band, select it. Otherwise, choose 2.4Ghz option. 5 GHz option provides better connectivity and signal range.

8 – In the end, don’t forget to save settings otherwise default setting will be enabled again.

9 – That’s all.

Many Android devices these days come with a portable hotspot feature. But on some Android device connected with mobile network carriers, this option may be hidden by the carrier. In order to enable the feature on such devices, you can use a handy app named Hotspot Control from Chainfire. Also note, the Hotspot Control app only works on devices that support WiFi hotspot feature.

How To Enable WiFi Tethering If Its Hidden On Android Device

1 – Download Hotspot Control app. It works with or without rooting your Android device.

2 – Open the Hotspot Control app.

3 – Fins Enable Access Point option. This will activate portable WiFi hotspot on your Android device.

4 – If you want, you can change the name and password below the Access Point option. Tap on the options and enter desired name and password.

5 – Tap save when done.

6 – That’s all.

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