How To Transfer iTunes Music To Android Device

how to move itunes music onto android device

Here’s how you can transfer music files from iTunes to Android device. Apple iTunes is an amazing music management program that is equipped with all the latest features needed to handle most of the music and media related tasks from one place. Moreover, you can access iTunes library to purchase and download directly on your PC.

iTunes is one of the well known and most used media management apps around the world. On Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and MAC iTunes is the default media player app. Its also available on Windows and Linux platforms. iTunes has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use and navigate for media files management purposes. iTunes acts as a bridge between your iOS device and PC for transferring music, audio, video files, books, text documents and much more. You can control multiple Apple devices via a single iTunes app on PC. However, iTunes is designed to work only with Apple devices. What if you own an Android device and want to transfer music files from iTunes to Android mobile or tablet? Actually there are multiple ways of moving music files from iTunes to Android device without any loss in quality.

Android and iOS files are based on different file system, which makes it tough to directly run files and apps of one platform on the other. Here are different ways of transferring iTunes files to Android devices.

How To Transfer Music From iTunes To Android Devices

You cannot sync Android device with iTunes, this much is obvious since Android firmware is incompatible to run on iTunes. But this doesn’t mean you cannot transfer iTunes music to Android device. See various methods of transferring music files from iTunes to Android mobile. Some methods include third-party apps that may cost some amount.

Google Play Music

You can use Google Play Music app to transfer apps from iTunes to Android device. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Using Google Play Music, you can pin or save iTunes music files for offline streaming. Google Play Music is a free app but you can save 50,000 songs at a time in your library, which should be enough for most users. Google Play Music enables you to save iTunes library in the app, which you can then use on Android device to listen to iTunes music.

Manually iTunes Music Transfer To Android Device

Here’s how to manually transfer files from iTunes to Android device.

  • Move iTunes music files from iTunes app to PC desktop or any other preferred location. Make sure that your PC already contains iTunes library folder with desired media files.
  • Now connect your Android device to PC.
  • Open iTunes Library media folder.
  • Now manually drag and drop or copy/paste desired music files into your connected Android device.

Wirelessly Sync Android Phone To Connect iTunes

You can also perform wireless transfer of iTunes music to Android device using DoubleTwist thirds-part app. You can download DoubleTwist app for Windows or MAC from their official website. After installing DoubleTwist app, sync your Android device to phone to the app. Turn on the USB Mass Storage Mode to let the app recognize your device. Now follow these steps to wirelessly transfer iTunes music to Android device:

  • Open DoubleTwist app.
  • Tap on the Music tab.
  • Select iTunes music files that you want to add to your device.
  • Tap Sync now button and wait for the files to transfer.
  • Check the music folder on your Android device’s internal storage or SD card to see if all music files are there.
  • That’s all.

There is another app named Android Pro that can be used to transfer iTunes music to Android device wirelessly. For wireless transfer of iTunes music to Android device, ensure that the phone and PC with iTunes installed on it both have the app installed on them. Once installed, launch the app, select the media files, enter account details including email and password or IP address and let the music files transfer onto your Android device.

These are the best quick methods available for transferring iTunes music to Android devices. If you know of any other useful app or method for quickly copying iTunes music to Android devices, do share with us in the comments section below.

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