How to Track Someone’s Location Through Their Cell Phone?

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In today’s time and age, tracking someone’s location is not a big deal. Whether it is your teen, your partner, employer or anyone else, technology has made it easy to keep tabs on whoever you want. Android tracking is not necessarily done for spying on someone. People are largely using it to become aware of where their loved ones are. It is even possible to share your location with others to let them know your whereabouts.

The question is how is it done? How can you track someone’s location? It is easy, you can do it in 3 steps by using a useful tracking app for Android phone. Check them out here:

Step 1:

You are going to need access to the target device first. Target device is the device that you want to track. There is no way you can track another smartphone remotely. For this, you have to install an Android app to spy another Android device and this cannot be done remotely.

Step 2:

You can either install a GPS tracker in the target phone or a tracking app for Android. Today, the GPS chips that are available are extremely tiny and undetectable. You simply have to insert them into the back of the phone. Again, for this, you are going to need the target device. This chip is powered by the smartphone and it keeps on sending signals to let you monitor the location through your PC by using a program. Now in case you are using a tracking app for Android, you simply have to install the app on the target device. These tracking apps work in stealth mode so the other person will not even know that their location history is being tracked.

Step 3:

If you were using a GPS tracker, you have to load a tracking software on your PC. Most of the tracking programs use Google maps to provide you a view of the location map of the target device. For those who are using an Android app to spy another Android device, they will simply have a web account from where they will be able to track the location of the phone.

How to Track a Phone’s Location via a Tracking App?

As mentioned above, this requires a tracking app for Android. Among the most valuable apps for location tracking, the name of is worth mentioning. It provides details about the current location of the target device. It also provides a checklist of all the places visited with date and time of each visited location. Along with that, you can also monitor the street addresses, latitude, and longitude for each location.

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How it’s Done:

  1. You first have to download and install the app in the target Android device. This tracking app works in stealth mode i.e. the target person will not even know there is an app working on their device.
  2. To view the location of the target device from a distance, you have to log into your web account from your PC. You can also do that from your phone via the Xnspy dashboard app.
  3. As you log in, choose the ‘Locations’ menu from the list on your left-hand side. This will take you to a window that displays the location history log of the phone.

That’s how you can keep tabs on someone’s location from a remote distance. Other than this, you can also set alerts on specific locations whenever that zone is entered or left.

How is Location Tracking Useful?

  • In business, with the help of location tracking, you can find out where your employees are and whether or not they are spending the time of their day performing the task they are assigned. For example, if your business operates in the transport industry, a tracking app will not just provide you the location history of your employees, but if you somehow figure out (in combination with other metrics) that your employee is driving faster than the legal speed limit, you can call them and warm them.
  • Location tracking is very helpful in managing child safety. For example, if your teen is traveling alone to another state for the first time, with a location tracker, you will always know where they are, what places they stopped by and whether they are at a location that is age appropriate. With geo-fencing, you can also restrict them from entering certain locations.

Even if the target device is lost, the location tracking feature will safely take you to the target device. Everyone may have their own reasons for using an android app to spy another android device, but before you use it, make sure you have the consent of the owner of the target device. They must know that their location history is being tracked/monitored.

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