How To Stop Video Autoplay With Sound On Facebook

disable video autoplay with sound on facebook

Facebook is introducing a new autoplay feature that will automatically run videos with sounds on as you scroll down your Facebook feed. This could get really annoying for some. At the time of this writing Facebook video autoplay with sound feature should be already be enabled in some countries or all across. Whether you have got this feature or note, here’s what you have to do in order to Stop Facebook Video Autoplay With Sound feature to block automatic video play and sound as you navigate through your Facebook timeline.

Facebook Videos are going to make new feed lot more noisy and irritating as the company is bringing this new automatic video playing with sound as you scroll through your News Feed. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of video playing with sound on your device when using Facebook in class, dinner table, family gathering, or some other formal setting such as meeting, it would be a wise move on your part to stop this feature.

Facebook is adding a new feature that will automatically play videos with sound at full volume as users scroll past them on their News Feed and timeline. Some users are already finding this feature really annoying by complaining that the accompanying sounds on videos fade in and out if the phone volume is set to loud.

Thankfully, videos won’t play with sound if your device is set to silent. But if you would like to stop this feature from automatically playing sounds altogether, Facebook is also offering an option to disable it. See the instructions below for it.

Here’s what Facebook has to say when announcing the arrival of this new feature:

“As people watch more video on phones, they’ve come to expect sound when the volume on their device is turned on,” said Facebook. “After testing sound on in News Feed and hearing positive feedback, we’re slowly bringing it to more people.”

Along with this new automatic sounds on videos, Facebook’s new update is also bringing a feature that will allow videos to follow users as they scroll through their feed. Users can tap a minimize button that will let them keep on watching videos while looking at other Facebook posts. Android version of the Facebook app plays videos even when the user exit the app.

This came with the announcement of a new standalone video app for smart TVs by Facebook, which will be available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung TV, and lets users watch videos shared by friends or share them with others. You can also choose to save videos for later viewing coupled with the recommended videos section, similar to the one on YouTube app.

How To Stop Videos From Playing Sounds Automatically On Facebook

1 – Open Facebook app on your device.

2 – Tap/click on the three-dotted line at the bottom right-hand corner of the Facebook app.

3 – Next, head over to Settings > Account Settings and tap on Sounds.

4 – Here, turn off the Videos in News Feed Start with Sound option.

5 – That’s all.

Note that since the new feature is rolling out slowly, so you might not see the appropriate settings right away on your device. But when you eventually get the new Facebook update with auto-playing feature on it, you should also get the mute option in the Settings menu.

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