How To Speed Up Samsung Galaxy Note 7


If you have recently purchased shinny new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device and its speed performance, although massive compared to similar other devices, fall short of expectations then see this post and a simple trick in it to speed up Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This latest flagship device from Samsung has been a massive hit and pre-orders are setting records all over the world. Galaxy Note 7 also has new Iris Scanner technology and amazing screen for all your multimedia and photography needs.

Here’s How To Make Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Run faster – Give it a major speed up kick with this simple method

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is being touted as one of the best smartphones ever assembled both spec-wise and exterior design-wise. It comes in two variants: one has Snapdragon 820 processor packed inside it and the other version has Exynos 8890 processor slotted in it. Note 7’s speed is enough for almost everyone for carrying out their routine tasks without any delays or lags but some still want it to be even more speedy. And here we have a solution for all those speedy gonzales’. Follow instructions below to give your Samsung Galaxy Device an unfathomable speed boost and enter surreal speed paradigm.

1 – On your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device, open the ‘Settings’ app and scroll all the way down to the ‘Software info’ option and tap to open it.

2 – In Software Info option section, there will be a ‘Build Number’ and quickly tap it seven times to open Developer Options.

3 – Return to the main Settings screen where there should be a new ‘Developers Option’ just above the About Device option.

4 – Tap on Developers Option and scroll down where you would now see three options: Window Animation Mode, Transition Animation Scale, Animator Duration Scale. Disable all three options.

5 – Now close the settings app and press the home button.

That’s All. Your device should now be running almost at the speed of light. Things will take less time to open and run on Note 7 device.

Why this method works to increase the speed of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is because animations can hamper device speed, thus lengthening the loading time for various task. Animation are a major part of the new Galaxy Note 7 devices but it could come at the cost of device’s speed which many are not willing to trade.

Wrap Up Comment

This method could work on other Android devices but may not result in same level of speed boost due to software changes implemented by various manufacturers on their devices but the different should not be huge. We recommend that power users turn off animation features when not in use to spare speed capacity of your Note 7 device which you can then use for other tasks.

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