How To Sideload iOS Apps Without Jailbreak For Free Using Xcode 7 Tool


Here comes a news that many iPhone and iPad user had been waiting for. You can now download apps on iOS device from sources outside Apple App Store using external links, like you do with APK files on Android devices. In this post, we’re going to show you the easy way to sideload iOS apps without jailbreak. See the instructions in the guide below to know how to sideload iOS apps on iPhone and iPad fore free without Jailbreak using Xcode 7 tool. Under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, Apple is incrementally opening up its mobile OS for encouraging developers to develop iOS apps and to allow users to install third-party apps manually from sources other than the Apple App store.

Apple iPhone and iPad users can sideload apps onto their devices without jailbreak or needing to first register with Apple Developer Program to create an account. Previously, anyone who wanted to install apps from sources outside App Store had to first signup for Apple Developer Account costing $99/year, or jailbreak the device to get apps from outside App Store.

Sideloading iOS apps on iPhone and iPad may not be a straight forward task without some helpful tool. Fortunately, we have Xcode 7 free tool that makes it possible for anyone, developers and non-experts, to sideload iOS apps without jailbreaking their device and that too for free. Install Xcode 7 onto your iOS device to bypass App Store completely for app installation, something that was impossible without jailbreak until now.

This has made iOS devices as appealing as Android devices, because you will be able to install apps on iPhone or iPad without App Store, just like Android users do on their devices with APK installation method by bypassing Google Play Store.

How To Sideload iOS Apps On Apple Devices Without Jailbreak and For Free

There’s a tool that allows you to sideload iOS apps outside the App Store without needing to jailbreak your device or creating a paid developer account. The Xcode tool will be needed for this guide. It may seem a bit complex at first, but we’ll try to expalin it in simplest possible terms for anyone to understand and implement.

1 – Download Xcode 7 beta and install it on your PC. The latest version of Xcode beta can be accessed from the download section of the Apple Developer Program portal.

2 – Launch the Xcode 7 tool. Wait for startup process to complete. Here, you may be asked to agree to the terms & conditions and enter the MAC administrator password.

3 – Now Select ‘Preferences’ by clicking on Xcode option in the menu bar.

4 – In Preferences menu, click on ‘Accounts’ tab and then click the ‘+’ button in the bottom-left corner of the interface.

5 – Next, in the ‘Enter an Apple ID associated with an Apple Developer Program’ dialogue box, enter your Apple ID username and password.

6 – Download the Objective-C or Swift source code of the app that you wish to sideload onto your iPhone or iPad and open it. You can search the source code of the app on the internet.

7 – Open Terminal window on MAC, and type in the source code of the app you wish to sideload on your iOS device.

8 – This will open the desired app project in Xcode. Now, connect your iOS device to MAC via USB cable.

9 – Now, on the Xcode interface screen, click on the ‘Product’ from the menu bar and select ‘Destination’ and select your connected device to set it as the app build destination.

10 – To install the app, you need to enter a code signing signature. To do so, select the ‘Project’ option on the left-hand side of Xcode. In the ‘Bundle Identifier’ box, add a unique ‘Bundle Identifier’. You can enter any name here, but usually its a reverse domain name of the app.

11 – A ‘No matching provision profile found’ warning message will appear on the screen. In the ‘Team’ drop-down box select your name, and click on the ‘fix issue’ button below it, after which Xcode will fix the error automatically.

12 – If everything goes right, desired app will be sideloaded by Xcode 7 beta tool, which you can run on your device.

That’s all. That’s how you can sideload any app on iOS device without jailbreaking the device. Send you questions in the comments section below.

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