How To Sideload iOS Apps/IPA Files on Windows & MAC using Cydia Impactor without Jailbreak


Learn how to sideload iOS apps on Windows and MAC using Cydia Impactor without jailbreak for iPhone/iPad. You won’t need to jailbreak iPhone or iPad to sideload iOS apps on Windows PC or MAC after this guide. Cydia Impactor tool is needed for this guide to work. Also, make sure your iOS device is not jailbroken. Unlike Xcode, that is used to sideload IPA files and apps onto iOS devices only on MAC or the device powered by Hackintosh, the Cydia Impactor tool can sideload iOS apps on Windows as well as MAC computer. So, sideloading iOS apps is no longer limited to the MAC users, because now Windows users can also get the same function on Windows OS running PC desktop or laptop with the Cydia Impactor. After this guide, you will be able to run sideloaded iOS apps without jailbreak.

Without further ado, let’s see how to sideload IPA files with Cydia Impactor on Windows and MAC. iOS apps are based on IPA file system, like APK for Android.

Steps to Sideload iOS Apps / IPA Files on Windows PC and MAC with Cydia Impactor Tool

Before starting, make sure to download the Cydia Impactor tool. You can download it for free from official website. Download the right version for Windows or MAC. This method requires latest version of iTunes installed on your PC Windows or MAC. Now follow the steps below to sideload iOS apps on PC Windows and MAC:

1 – Extract the downloaded Cydia Impactor file and save it in a convenient location on PC.

2 – Next, you will need the IPA file for the iOS app that you want to sideload. The IPA is different for different iOS apps, but, with the same coding system. Also, please note that DEB files do not work with Cydia Impactor.

3 – Download the IPA file for the app your want to sideload.

4 – Connect your iOS device to the Windows PC or MAC via USB cable.

5 – Launch Cydia Impactor tool on your computer from the files downloaded from the site.

6 – On the Cydia Impactor interface, click on the drop-down to select the connected device.

7 – Now, drag and drop the downloaded IPA file for the app your want to sideload onto the Cydia Impactor interface box/window.

8 – Next, you will be asked to enter the Apple Developer account ID (both free or paid) to sign the app that you wish to sideload on your PC.

Note: If you are using a free Apple Developer Account ID to sign-in on Cydia Impactor tool, the app’s certificate will expire in seven days, after which this process will need to be repeated. Paid Apple Developer ID account remains valid for a year.

9 – Enter Apple ID username and password of Apple Developer account and hit OK button.

10 – A new ‘This action will revoke and replace any existing Apple Developer certificate associated with your account’ warning message will show on the screen. Click OK to confirm your decision.

11 – Now sit back and let the Cydia Impactor do its work as it gets the relevant certificates from Apple’s developer portal, and then sign the IPA digitally to validate it. It could take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the app size and type, so be patient.

12 – After the app has been sideloaded, you should see the app’s icon on the home screen.

13 – Navigate to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management, locate the newly created app profile and tap on it. Next, tap ‘Trust’ to allow the certificate to run.

14 – That’s all.

Return to the Home screen and tap on the sideloaded app’s icon to launch it on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

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