How to Send SMS Text Messages From PC Windows 10 Using Cortana – [Get Messages On Laptop Through Cortana]

send text from windows 10 pc and get texts on laptop

If you have been asking yourself Is there a way to get text messages on your laptop through cortana iPhone or if you wish to learn how to send SMS text messages from Windows 10 PC, then you are at the right place. It’s now possible to send text messages from your computer to Phone in Windows 10 and you can do so by using Cortana as described in the tutorial below.

Microsoft wants to provides seamless experience to users by bringing all Windows devices such as PC desktop, laptop, notebooks, tablet, and Xbox console on the same Windows 10 operating system. This process of having all Windows devices running one operating system is almost complete, which opens up new possibilities including the ability to send and receive text messages to and from Windows 10 PC and other mobile devices. Microsoft has integrated sending texts from your desktop/laptop to a phone feature in Cortana.

Cortana show you the notification of any missed calls and you can reply to missed calls or text messages from your Windows 10 PC.

Before moving on to the steps below, it is important to understand that the text messages will actually be sent through your phone. It may sound inconvenient but on a positive side you won’t need any network carrier or pay extra bucks for sending text message using the method below.

How To Send SMS / Text Message From Desktop /Laptop Using Windows 10 Cortana – [Get Text Messages on Laptop]

1 – Launch Cortana.

2 – Type or say Send Text followed by the name of the contact and enter the message that you want to send.

3 – Click Send to finish the task.

4 – Cortana will send your message to the selected contact’s device from your mobile device. Recipient will receive the text message like any other SMS.

send sms from laptop to mobile and get texts on windows 10 pc

5 – That’s all.

In order to make this work, make sure you Windows 10 computer and mobile devices are logged in using the same Microsoft account.

How to disable missed call notifications

When the call notification is enabled on a Windows 10 device, Cortana will push reminders for every missed call to your device. But if these notifications are getting too much to handle, you can disable them from Settings by turning off the Missed call notifications option. Do note that this process needs to be repeated on every PC you don’t want to receive notifications on.

To disable Cortana from sending call / text notifications on computer, go to Cortana’s Notebook in your phone and from Settings, and turn the toggle to off position.

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