How to Send Facebook Messages without Facebook Messenger App on iOS and Android Devices


Facebook can be pretty stubbornly authoritative sometimes, its penchant for controlling user behavior on the platform has not subsided one bit despite being pilloried repeatedly over this policy. Like many other things Facebook want (rather force) users to keep using its Facebook Messenger app to send and receive messages. Luckily, there is a fix to this issue, you can communicate with Facebook contacts without having to open separate Facebook Messenger app to interact. Facebook Messenger app is now separate from the main Facebook app, users have to use two apps to perform on task i.e. to communicate with others. Things took an ugly turn when Facebook Messenger became default SMS app on Android prompting some to delete the app altogether. Here i am going to elaborate how you can send Facebook Messages without Facebook Messenger app.

But before that you should ask yourself is it worth the effort to abandon Facebook Messenger app for sending messages to Facebook contacts. Well, simple and rather despondent answer is, resounding no. Facebook is determined to promote its Messenger app to impel users to migrate to its messenger in order to fully access all features of main Facebook app that are in one way or the other are intertwined. Even if you avoid using Messenger app, sooner or later you will be forced to switch back to it by Facebook to continue to use the main app.

One way to circumvent this problem is to use other messenger apps to communicate, there are many around like Apple iMessage, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and other free chatting apps. You can install them for free and try them out. But those who can’t be hassled to completely forgo Facebook Messenger, here are some tricks that might be useful to you.

1 – Use PC to send Facebook Messages without Facebook Messenger


It may sound strange having to access PC just to send and see Facebook messages from friends to finalize any plans or to discuss anything in general but this is the easiest way of messaging without the app. For that, login to Facebook website on PC and use conversation tab to communicate. There is no need for separate app and worrying about redirects.

2 – Use Web Browser to Send Messages without Facebook Messenger


Open web browser on your phone and open Facebook website. On the main page at the top tap on Conversation option. This will redirect you to Play Store on Android to suggest installing Facebook Messenger app, don’t follow through on it. Just tap Recent Apps on Android (square button next to home button on Android screen) or double-tap home button on Apple device and open browser app again. Close “Move to Facebook Messenger app” prompt and return to conversation tap and continue chatting.

Facebook may redirect you continuously to the Messenger app, so keep repeating the above method. It may seem annoying but that’s the only way to deal with it.

3 – Use Third Party App for Messaging on Facebook


Try third-party apps if Facebook Messenger is not your thing. Best among many is this Friendly app which is fully Facebook compatible and keeps your messages in organized manner. Here is the Android alternative Lite Messenger app with similar functions.

These may be the only ways to continue to message Facebook friends without using Facebook Messenger app.

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