How To See Who Else Is Using Google Allo – Tips & Tricks


Google Allo has been officially released and you can now download it on Android and iOS devices from the Play Store and the Apple App Store. This powerful messaging app is still in its early stages, so some features may not work as they are supposed to or can get buried under many new options. Google Allo may need some work on improving some of its features and hopefully in future updates we get to see improved features. Right now, it is not easy at all to find friends who are already using Google Allo to chat with. But one Reddit users came up with a clever solution to find out who is using Google Allo.

How to See Who Else Is Using Google Allo using Incognito Mode

1 – Open the Google Allo app on your device.

2 – Hit the chat button in the bottom right corner.

3 – A list of every contact in your phone will pop up. Ignore it for now.

Note: Texting someone who doesn’t have Google Allo chat app on their devices will re-route your message through a random five-digit number that looks like spam and prompts the receiver to download the app.

4 – Select ‘Start incognito chat’ option instead to see a much shorter list of the people you know who already downloaded Allo.

5 – That’s all.

Once you know who is using Allo, you can message them in Incognito mode for a private chat, which automatically encrypts your conversation and even lets you set a self-destruct timer for each message. Or you can go back to the main list of contacts and pick a friends who has already downloaded the app to get the full Allp experience with Google Assistant, auto replies, stickers and more. If you still haven’t got the Google Allo app, you can download it for free from Play Store and App Store.


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