How to Screenshot Snaps on Snapchat for Android and Save them Permanently

Snapchat has joined the ranks of world’s most used social media networks, recently it surpassed Twitter in terms of active user count and is fast approaching a billion users mark. This app has graduated to take the form of an art where people experiment with their creativity to impress others by posting funny and quirky snaps/pictures. Snapchat‘s trademark feature is that images vanish from your profile after 24 hours, no one can see photos posted by users on their profile after 24 hours, so you have to be quick to like and comment under images. This makes it difficult to save photos on Snapchat. Here we are going to show you some simple methods to screenshot and save Snapchat Pictures on Android mobiles.

Follow simple instructions in this brief guide to capture and save Snapchat snaps without needing to take screenshot. Here you will get to know how to save yours and others Snapchats on Android devices.

How to Save Snapchat Snaps of Other People on Android Mobile:


Follow step-by-step instructions below to save snaps of other people on Snapchat for Android.

1 – Open Snapchat on your Android device.

2 – Go to the Chat page in the app.

3 – Tap on Snap to open the image.

4 – Take Screenshot of the photo or video. On Android phones, mostly, screenshot is taken by pressing Power and Volume button together.

How to Screenshot and Save your own Snapchat Snaps on Android Devices:


1 – Open Snapchat app on your Android mobile.

2 – Take a new snap or open one from existing images on your profile.

3 – On the bottom left corner of the screen you will see a download button, tap on it.

4 – Wait for the image to download, your will see a message at the bottom of the screen to know that the video or picture is being downloaded.

All pictures are saved on Android mobile photo gallery or on the download folder set by you from settings.

Whenever you take a screenshot of someone else’s picture or video on Snapchat  a notification is send to the other person that you have screenshot or saved their picture or videos on your device. There is no way of circumventing this feature. Even if you turn of WiFi or mobile data network, the other person will get the notification when your device is connected to the internet the next time.

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