How To Schedule SMS Text Messages On iPhone Without Jailbreak

use delayd app to send automatic scheduled texts and facebook updates

Here’s how you can Schedule SMS Text Messages on iPhone without needing to jailbreak your device. Having your iPhone set to deliver scheduled SMS text messages automatically can be really useful as it allows you to read messages at your own convenience without missing out on any important texts. And now this can be done on iPhone with no jailbreak required as well.

SMS scheduling is not a new feature but on iOS things are not always as straight forward as they are on other mobile platforms due to Apple’s jealously guarded usage policy for iOS devices. Users of jailbroken iOS devices have plenty of jailbreak tweaks available for the same purpose. But setting a non-jailbroken iPhone to send text messages at a specified time requires some a bit more effort than on an iOS jailbreak device primarily because of Apple’s restrictions regarding the way iOS users can play around with the platform. However, a new app has arrived that circumvents Apple’s restrictions without compromising on the iOS usage policy in a brilliant way. You can use this app to schedule text messages to have them delivered automatically at a pre-defined time. Let’s see what this app is all about and how it can be used for scheduled messages.

The stock Messages app on iOS is great that offers some amazing features. There is one feature that many users have been asking for but yet to receive in the stock Messages app and that is the ability to set scheduled SMS text messages so that they are automatically send at a specific time. Perhaps Apple might bring this feature in the future updates of the stock Messages app on iPhone but for now users can get this great feature on non-jailbroken iPhone with Delayd third-party app.

Schedule SMS Text Messages On iPhone – [No Jailbreak Required]

Delayd app for iPhone has some pretty useful features that enable users to schedule an SMS in the morning to be sent in the evening automatically, or to receive SMS by other contacts at the scheduled time to avoid disturbance during sleeping or working hours. There are plenty more features that make Delayed app a must-have for iPhone users.

send scheduled sms texts on iphone without jailbreak

You will find many such apps that proclaim to be the best in send and receiving scheduled text messages but most fall short on their promise. Reason those apps don’t work as advertised is because users get the notification reminding them at the specified time to send a text message manually rather than automatically sending them to contacts. You have to manually confirm and send messages at the set time on most other similar apps, which is no where near automatic as they claim to be. However, the Delayd app is perhaps the only iOS app that AUTOMATICALLY sends scheduled text messages to your contact or contacts at the specified time without prompting you to do anything manually to complete the process.

How To Use Delayd App To Send Scheduled Texts On iPhone Automatically

Download the Delayd app from the Apple app store (see the link below to go to its download page directly). Install it as you would any other iOS app from the App Store. Once you have setup the app on your non-jailbroken iPhone, open it. Now, simply set date and time and hit the schedule button to complete the process after which the app will take care of the rest. You can adjust time by 15 minutes interval. When the message is delivered, you will receive a confirmation notification on your iPhone.

You can also set message schedule to deliver texts at pre-set time interval. The app interface is simple to use and navigate. You can see the Scheduled, Sent and Recurring buttons on the main interface of the app. Besides sending SMS text message, you can also use Delayd app to send emails, Tweets, Facebook status updates automatically on scheduled time.

send scheduled texts on iPhone without jailbreak

But there is no thing you need to be aware of while using Delayd app for sending automatic scheduled messages and that involves the way it uses own servers to deliver the text messages and emails at a specific time, which makes it tough for recipient to directly reply to texts or emails as the real number of the sender gets replaced during sending process.

To get around this issue, you can add your name and number in the body of the text message or email to help receiver know who has sent that particular message or email, which may not be to everyone’s liking. Moreover, since Delayd uses its own servers to route the sending of the automatic scheduled SMS texts, you will be required to shed some money on in-app purchases to keep using automatic sending of schedule texts and emails. You can buy 50 credits for $0.99 that goes all the way up to 500 credits in exchange for $3.99. At the time of first installation, you will get 50 free credits on signup. Click on this link to download Delayd for iPhone from Apple App Store.

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