How To Scan Your Face for My NBA 2K17


My NBA 2k17 has been released with a brand new feature that lets you scan your face via smartphone camera and put it on your own created player. You can now play as yourself in the NBA 2k17 game and here we are going to show you how to scan your face for My NBA 2k17 on Android and iOS devices. The process may seem tricky at first but it definitely worth it. In My NBA 2k17 you also get daily opportunities to earn virtual currency but if you don’t want to wait for whole 24 hours for the opportunity to get game currency then see our My NBA 2k17 Hack and Cheat guide to get unlimited resources unlocked for free right from the start of the game. Let’s get back to our main topic i.e. to scan your face in My NBA 2k17.

How To Scan your Face for NBA 2k17

2K Games Inc. have released two apps the My NBA 2k17 Mobile app to scan your face via smartphone camera and My NBA 2k17 Prelude app which you can access on Xbox One and PlayStation 3. The game is free on the iOS and Android mobile platforms. The Prelude app is free on Xbox Live and PSN.

For Scanning accurate face impression, you will need to follow some steps in order to get the best possible result.

NBA 2K17 Scan Your Face Tips:

1 – Use rear camera for perfect scan when indoors

If you cannot get outside to scan your face via smartphone in natural light settings then look for the well-lit and evenly illuminated area indoors. Scan using device’s rear-facing camera.

Best way to do this is to stand in front of the mirror and use the rear-facing camera. I had a pretty decent scan using this method in front of my washroom mirror.

2 – If Possible, its best that you scan outdoors

Developers advise that you scan your face in natural light settings outdoors to get the best result, if possible. Previously you had to use Xbox Kinect or PS4 camera to scan your face but now it has become a whole lot more easier with smartphone cameras. Use mobile camera in even natural light setting when scanning your face.

3 – Look at the ‘Scan Your Face’ message

If you are using the front-facing camera then stare directly at the ‘Scan Your Face’ message and keep looking at it even when turning your head during the scanning. For rear-facing camera, stare at the camera lens on the far right, the place the flashed when you take pictures with mobile camera. This will help you to keep your eyes in the center when you turn your head from one side to another.


Now you known some basic stuff about scanning your face for My NBA 2k17, lets see steps which you can use to scan your face and put it in the game.

Steps to Scan your Face in My NBA 2k17

The process of scanning face for NBA 2k17 may not be easy but it is certainly not impossible either. Here’s how you can do it easily. Make sure that you have stable and fast internet connect, if the game is running slowly then close and restart it.

Step 1 – Download the NBA 2k17 The Prelude demo on Xbox One or PS4. If you can find it on either platform then type in the title exactly as it is mentioned to search for it on Xbox One or PS4. It’s around 15GB download size.

Step 2 – Now Download My NBA 2k17 app on Android or iOS device. It will be around 280MB download size. Log in with your gamertag to tell that you have already downloaded The Prelude app in the first step.

Step 3 – On the app interface, click on the “Scan Your Face” tab. You can use either front or back-facing camera. Also, remove hat, glasses or other accessories at this point.

Step 4 – Go near to a good light source like a bright bulb or lamp, if you are scanning at night time. Otherwise its best that you do it in natural daylight setting.

Step 5 – Look directly into the camera of your mobile and make sure your face is in the middle. Slowly rotate your face in a 30 degree angle on right and left to scan your whole face. Move your face while keeping the device still.


Step 6 – For a perfect scan, all 13 lights have to turn green to signal a successful scanning completion. Or else retake image if you are not satisfied with the end result.

Step 7 – Now return to the NBA 2k17 demo on Xbox One or PS4 and click on the ‘Scan Your Face’ option. This will start uploading the scan of your face on the player. Wait until it reaches 100% after which you can edit appearance of the player like hairstyle, height, weight and more.

If your face is uploading properly then, unfortunately, you will have to start all over again. I faced considerable issues while scanning my face, it took me several attempts to scan and upload my face properly but all the effort was worth it when i saw the end-result.

If you want to know more about scanning your face for My NBA 2K17, then checkout official 2K games guide for face scanning and get a better idea about whole process.

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