How To Safely Unbrick LG G3 [Fix Bootloop Problem]


If your LG G3 got bricked for some reason or stuck in a bootloop, then see instructions in this tutorial to learn how to safely unbrick bricked LG G5 to fix bootloop issue in a few simple steps.

Android devices getting soft bricked is a common issue and when this happens phone or tablet doesn’t boot up, which means it keeps on rebooting automatically without any pause or device remains stuck on the Android boot animation logo. Even trying to reboot your device won’t fix the issue. Soft brick can cause serious damage to your device if it isn’t fixed immediately. It can also result in your device data getting lost forever if you are not in the habit of keeping regular backup.

Android bricked devices can be categorized as either soft bricked or hard bricked. If your LG G3 is facing hard bricked problem, unfortunately there is not much you can do to fix it yourself. It is difficult to fix hard brick problem because you cannot reboot your device into download or recovery mode to apply required problem fix. So, chances of bringing back an LG G3 device that is facing hard brick issues are extremely slim. But thankfully hard brick isn’t as common as soft brick problem which can be easily fixed.

Hard brick issue only surfaces when you tweak system firmware files or delete an important system app or file by mistake. On the other hand, soft brick problem is fairly common on Android phones and the LG G3 is no exception.

Soft brick issue arises mostly after installing a custom firmware, ROM or kernel. When the LG G3 device is bricked, it won’t boot into Recovery mode as it remain stuck in the Android boot animation logo screen, but on a brighter side it can be entered into Download mode.

And this is where accessing Download mode can come really useful because you can use it to start fresh installation of Android firmware in order to unbrick your LG G3 phone.

How to Unbrick LG G3 Soft Brick to Fix Bootloop Issue

1 – Download LG PC Suite from official source here.

2 – LG USB drivers will be automatically installed on your computer during the LG PC suite setup process, so you don’t need to manually install them.

3 – Power off your LG G3.

4 – Connect your LG G3 to computer via USB cable.

5 – Hole the Volume UP key to enter your device into Download Mode.

6 – When your device is in Download Mode, open LG PC suite on computer.

7 – Click the Repair button on the PC Suite’s interface and follow on-screen instructions as prompted and wait for it to fix LG G3.

8 – That’s all.

Your LG G3 has been unbricked successfully.

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