How To Root Samsung Galaxy Device Without Tripping KNOX Warranty

root samsung devices without losing warranty

In this following useful tutorial, you will learn an extremely important method on how to root Samsung Galaxy devices without tripping KNOX. This manual will allow you to root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone without triggering KNOX 0x1 to keep the device warranty intact. If you are a fan of Android root and want to save the warranty while rooting Samsung Galaxy device, then you will find this solution really useful.

Samsung releases its smartphones with KNOX security software installed on them. Samsung claims that KNOX prevents users from tinkering with their device in ways that could seriously harm its normal functioning. But most Android users don’t agree with Samsung. Android root is one of the main reasons many opt to go with Samsung’s smartphones rather than other alternatives in the market.

Samsung’s KNOX feature is put in place to prevent any attempt to root Galaxy smartphone and tablet. According to the South Korean firm, rooting Samsung devices can expose them to harmful apps, tweaks, MODs, firmware, ROMs, kernels, and other customization tools. Any damage done to the device’s hardware or software as a result of installing such non-approved tool won’t be acknowledged by the company for repair and replacement.

When you root a Samsung device, KNOX on it gets triggered and turns KNOX Warranty Void value from 0 to 1 to indicate that the warranty is no longer valid on that particular device. Things get further complicated because KNOX counter can’t be reset from 1 to 0.

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While is may not be possible to reset the KNOX counter back, there are ways to root Samsung devices without triggering KNOX 0x1 warranty void. This can be done by using an extremely useful tool named ‘Discovered Exploit’. It allows rooting Samsung Galaxy devices without activating KNOX warranty void counter.

In order to root your Samsung Galaxy device, all you need to do is to download the application and follow the instructions as mentioned below.

Download the application to root Samsung device from this link here.

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Before installing the app, head over to the Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources to allow your device to directly install the app via APK file. Now go to any file manager app on your device to locate the APK file and tap to install it. Next, launch the app from the app drawer. In the app, there is only on button that says “Make It Rain”. Hit that button and wait for half a minute after which your device will reboot. That’s it, your device now has root access enabled without losing its warranty.

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