How To Root Android Without Losing Device Warranty

root android without risking or voiding android warranty on phone and tablet

Here see a best, easy way to root any Android phone or tablet without losing official device warranty. Android root privilege is one of the top reasons why many opt for open-source nature of Android platform over other mobile platforms. A rooted Android device gives user a complete control over all functions of the device, including administrator access to system files and folder that come blocked by default from manufacturer’s side for security reason. After gaining root access, you can modify your Android device with custom firmware and tools. However, rooting also void official warranty as it is not recommended by Android device manufacturers. So, in this guide, we are going to share an easy method to root Android phone without risking warranty. Let’s get started.

Android rooting process is designed to enable enthusiasts tinker and tweak device’s firmware and functionality in order to give mobile/tablet a personalized look and feel, and also to allow developers create new Android tweaks and much more. Rooting gives you the administrator privilege on an Android device. However, this useful Android function also has its drawback in that it voids official device warranty on the spot after which you won’t be able to get your device fixed or replaced from an official channel if it gets broken, bricked or damaged. That’s why to help you get around this problem we are going to share a useful tip below that will allow you to root your Android device without risking warranty.

How To Root Android Phone / Tablet Without Risking Device Warranty

The method below is very simple which anyone can perform in minutes. You don’t need to an Android expert to root your device while keeping its warranty intact. This guide requires a third party software to root Android device without losing the official warranty. Here are the step:

Steps To Root Any Android Device Without Voiding/Losing Warranty:

Step 1 – To begin, download and install latest version of the best Android root tool called iRoot. So far, this is the only software that is capable of rooting Android without voiding warranty.

root android with iroot without voiding warranty

Step 2 – Follow on-screen setup instructions to install iRoot on computer and launch the tool on PC.

root android with iroot to keep warranty

Step 3 – Now, enable USB Debugging on your Android device. For that, head over to the Settings > Developer Option and enable USB Debugging option. If Developer Option is not showing in Settings, then go to Settings > About Device and quickly tap seven times on the Build Number to enable Developer Options.

Step 4 – Next, connect your Android device to computer via USB cable.

Step 5 – Once iRoot recognizes your device, you will see Root button getting activated with green color. Click on this Root button on iRoot’s interface to root your Android device.

Stet 6 – Wait for the root process to complete. Your device might restart several times during the process, let it happen and don’t touch do anything until rooting is complete.

That’s all. After final reboot your Android device will have root access unlocked and that too without losing warranty.

So that was an easy method to Root Android Device Without Voiding Android Warranty. All Android users can perform this method while keeping their devices in warranty so they can get it replaced when needed. There are plenty of root specific Android apps available which you can download on your rooted device. Leave comments below for queries.

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