How to Remove Prisma Logo from Pictures


Here you will learn how to remove Prisma Logo from Pictures taken from mobile device and/or PC Windows & Mac. Prisma photo editor app was initially released on iOS devices, later its success prompted Android release as well. Prisma Photo Filter app transforms your ordinary pictures into a work of art as if they have been painted by legendary artist like Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci. But there is one little annoying aspect of the app that many people don’t like and that is the Prisma Logo watermark that get automatically stamped on all pictures. If you want to get rid of this then see instructions below for it. Here i am going to explain a little workaround using which you can disable Prisma logo watermark from Pictures.

Prisma photo editing app is perfect for Instagram addicts or those who love to impress others with their stylish photos on social media. Prisma is already topping both iOS and Android download charts. Its unique filter, frames and color saturation aspects have generated a lot of buzz. One little irritating feature of the app is that little watermark in the bottom right corner of pictures that many want to get rid of in their pictures and for that we have a simple solution to remove Prisma logo watermark.

Prisma and Pokemon GO are the most talked about apps these days. Android user can also download full version of the app by downloading latest Prisma Apk. Before this Android users could only download beta version but there is no need for that anymore because the Prisma APK of the full official app is here.

How to Disable Prisma Logo Watermark from your Pictures:

Prisma creates stunning photos but their beauty gets somewhat tainted due to the Prisma Watermark. However, it’s simple to remove logo watermark from your Prisma pictures. Follow steps below to remove watermark from Prisma.

1 – Download the app on your mobile device here.

2 – Open the app and on the home screen click on the ‘Settings’ icon.

3 – Under Settings, there is a list of options, disable ‘Add watermark’ option by turning off the toggle next to it.


4 – Tap on the back button to return to home screen.

5 – That’s all. Now take Prisma photos without logo watermark.

Its that simple to turn off Prisma watermark off from pictures. Any Thoughts? Let us known what you think in the comments sections below and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to get all latest tips, tricks and guides about all your tech related issues.

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