How to Recover SMS Text Messages Deleted from iPhone – [Guide]


iPhone is arguably the best smartphone currently available on the market. It’s a complete package with stunning design and OS that perfectly complements its hardware specs. Everyone is crazy about this phone from Apple. You see everyone from adults to children carrying latest iPhone models, professional and students alike all prefer this phone despite its steep price point. One reason behind iPhone’s popularity is its perfect productivity features, you can use a wide range of apps to accomplish daily tasks quickly and efficiently. It is used by people all across the globe to communicate with each other using texting and messaging apps. But sometimes you accidentally hit that delete button which removes text/SMS from iPhone. Not many people know that you can retrieve SMS text messages deleted from iPhone. Here we are going to discuss simple methods about how to recover deleted text messages from iPhone.

Deleted SMS Text Messages from iPhone – Why Retrieve

Sometime you delete important business message accidentally or after deleting the message you realize that the text was important and shouldn’t have been deleted. Similarly, sometimes children delete text conversations from phones. Some people like to keep the record of conversations but end up deleting them out of negligence. However, there are fixes to recover deleted SMS/text message on iPhone.


See our guide below to find out how to recover lost messages on iPhone without having to go through the embarrassing situation of requesting sender to deliver messages again.

How to Recover Lost SMS Text Messages on iPhone:

Texting apps have become really popular these days, in fact, they have replaced calling apps as the preferred choice of billions around the world to connect with loves ones. On iOS one finds plethora of texting apps including Apple’s own iMessage and Facetime apps. Follow methods below to recover lost messages on iPhone.

1 – Use Third-party Data Recovery Apps

First solution is common among those who look for recovering lost data files from iOS devices. You can use reputable third-party apps designed to recover data from iOS devices from App store or on PC.


Search for best iOS data recovery apps on the internet and install them on PC, now connect iPhone to PC and follow app instructions to recover lost data including text messages.

2 – Ask Sender to Resend Text Messages

If no other solution seems to be working then ask sender to send SMS again. I know many prefer to avoid being put in such a situation but still it is the last resort.

3 – Use iCloud

First thing you should do when trying to recover deleted messages is to look for them in iCloud backup. This feature may not be available in all countries but still you can check if they can retrieved from iCloud. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to official iCloud website on PC, click link here for it.
  • Login with your Apple ID.
  • Click on Text Messages option, if this feature is invisible it means it is not available in your country.
  • Go to iPhone’s Settings and tap on iCloud option.
  • Turn the toggle off next to Messages and choose ‘Keep on My iPhone.’
  • Switch Messages option on and tap Merge.
  • That’s it, all your deleted messages will be restored on iPhone.

4 – Contact Apple Support or Network Service Provider

This method may not work for all or at all for that matter but it’s always better to have a go at it. Contact your network service provider or Apple support and request for text messages recovery if they have deleted from your device. Usually text conversations are locked in safe servers and if you get lucky your request might just get the approval and you can have all deleted messages back again on your iPhone.


5 – Use iTunes

To ensure that this method works all the time keep automatic sync option enables on iTunes software on PC. Auto sync regularly creates backup of all iPhone data. Here is how you can recover it:

  • Connect iPhone to PC Windows or Mac with iTunes installed on it.
  • Open iTunes and select Restore Backup option.
  • It takes a few minutes to recover complete data along with text messages. Wait for it to finish and disconnect your device.

To prevent any such situation from happening, keep your device password locked so that no unauthorized person can access and make changes or delete SMS. Constantly creates backup of your device along with text messages.

Hope these tips and methods proved helpful to you in recovering lost SMS on iPhone. You can always contact Apple Support in case you desperately want to recover text messages.

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