How To Receive Android Notifications On PC Windows [Desktop/Laptop]

Sync and receive android phone notifications on Windows 10 PC

Here’s a guide on how you can easily setup Windows PC to get Android device notifications on your desktop, laptop or Surface tablet. Never again miss out on important Android device notifications even if your device is not near you by receiving them straight on a Windows device. In a step-by-step guide below we are going to show you how to sync notifications from Android smartphone to a Windows PC device.

Apple has this advantage over Android that all its devices can be easily synced as they are interlinked via same Apple ecosystem. Apple manufactures both hardware and software, which makes it easy to connect iOS device with MAC desktop and laptop for getting notifications from one device to another. However, things are not a simple on Android side. Since Android lacks the desktop software for non-chromebook running desktop and laptop, therefore, you have to follow an indirect method to sync Android device notifications on Windows PCs.

Although, Microsoft and Google are working to bring Apple like seamless device integration experience for users, but it still a long away from fruition. But Microsoft has taken a first step towards this direction by making Cortana available on Android devices, which can make it possible to sync Android notification to Windows PC.

After installing Cortana all you have to do is to allow required permissions. There are some third-party Android applications that perform the similar function but you need to first download them on both Android and Windows devics to be able to use them, moreover, they lack the seamless experience which you can get from Cortana. Having Cortana set on your Android phone and Windows PC to sync notification makes them look like a part of Windows experience. You can directly reply to SMS or WhatsApp messages from a Windows device to the notification received from your Android phone.

Before using Cortana to sync Android notifications to Windows PC, do note that the Cortana for Android is still very much in beta which you can download from the Play Store. You also need to have a PC/laptop running Windows 10 no older than the Anniversary update.

How to easily sync Android notifications from smartphone to Windows PC

1 – Download Cortana – Digital Assistant app from the Google Play Store link here and install it on your Android smartphone.

2 – Once installed, open the app and tap on the profile icon located in the top right corner of the app’s interface.

3 – Now go to Settings > Sync notifications and toggle on the notification you want to receive on a Windows 10 computer. Make sure to allow necessary permissions. You can choose to receive call, incoming messages, low battery and app notification on Windows PC.

4 – Turn the toggle next to App notifications to ON position and select apps whose notifications who want to see on your Windows PC. You don’t need to select all apps, if you like choose only the important apps to get their notifications on computer when you are not using Android phone so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

5 – Similarly, you can opt to push games notifications to Windows PC as well.

6 – That’s all.

You will now receive Android phone notifications on your Windows PC.

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