How to Quickly Share Files in any Format on WhatsApp – [No Third-Party App Required]

share any file type on whatsapp how to guide

In this post, we are going to share a very useful tip for all the users of WhatsApp messenger application. You can now send / share files in any format on WhatsApp and you can do so without third-party app. You can use the method explained below on both Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp.

As you know WhatsApp allows users to send and receive files in the form of photos, videos, audio clips, or PDF but support for other formats was missing up until now. There was no option to share apps, apk files and other types of documents on WhatsApp apart from limited set of file formats on both Android and iOS platforms. However, things have become whole lot more easier because now you can share or send any file on WhatsApp with friends, family and contacts over the chat. Keep on reading to learn how to do it.

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This new ‘file sharing in any format’ feature got released in a recent WhatsApp update, which you can download from the Play Store or flash manually via APK file on Android devices only. After installing the new update you will be able to Send Any File Type & Format on WhatsApp from any Android and iOS device. This new features also supports the WhatsApp web and desktop clients for Windows and Mac OS.

After an unnecessary delay in the launch of this much needed feature, finally WhatsApp developers have listened to users and brought the feature that makes it easy to share files in any format. Before this update, users had to install a third-party app to be able to share files in formats that was not supported by WhatsApp. Users had to first share file on external cloud storage service and then copy the link to the file in order to share it. However, after installing this new update, you are no longer required to first upload desired file on cloud services or software. To directly share or send any file format with WhatsApp all you need to do is to open a chat, tap on attach icon, and then select the desired document or file. For more, see the instructions below on How to Send any File on WhatsApp without third-part app on Android and iOS.

This feature will be available starting from WhatsApp v2.17.40 update or later. Those who have already installed this update can start sharing documents and files in the form of APK file on Android, word document file, and even share full apps via WhatsApp. File size limit varies according to the platform you are using: on Android you can share a single file of up to 100MB, 128MB on iOS, and 64MB maximum file size on the web version of the WhatsApp messenger. You can share files with contacts without having to leave the application.

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You can download the update to Send Any File Through WhatsApp via Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can share files of any format and allowed size limit to an individual contact or group. There is one thing you should be mindful of and that is the other person must also be on the WhatsApp version that supports sending and receiving files in any format, i.e., v2.17.40 or later update.

How to Send any File on WhatsApp without Third-party App

1 – Download latest WhatsApp for Android or iOS and install it on your device.

2 – Launch WhatsApp on your device.

3 – Tap on any contact in the Contacts tab to start a new conversation or tap on exiting chat.

4 – Tap the Attachment icon shown as paperclip at the top-right corner of the screen.

5 – Tap the Document icon to open see saved documents on your device.

6 – Simply select any file/document that you wish to share and send it to your contact.

7 – That’s all.

It’s that easy to share or send files in any format on WhatsApp without needing to use third-party apps.

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