How To Protect iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Permanently

how to keep using ios 10.2 jailbreak in future

Here’s what you need to do in order to protect and avoid losing iOS 10.2 jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Often users download, update, or install an app or iOS firmware version that results in jailbreak getting null and void. But with some simple precautionary steps, you will be able to permanently use iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks, settings, apps, and other supported tool without worrying about losing them ever again.

Apple hates its devices getting jailbroken as the company considers it a danger to device security. Apple likes to keep a tight control over how its iOS firmware is used on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. That’s why the company tries everything in its power to thwart every attempt at jailbreaking iOS which allows users to free their iOS devices from the closely guarded walls of iOS to install tweaks, apps and exploits that would otherwise not have been possible on normal iOS software. Jailbreak iOS devices requires some effort, therefore, once jailbroken it’s important that users know how to keep protecting and preserving jailbreak in the face of Apple’s assault on jailbreak community by blocking every possible route to jailbreak.

Jailbreaking iOS is a tricky task. Users constantly face the issue whether to upgrade to the latest iOS firmware version to try new features and security updates, but will require un-jailbreaking iOS device. And if they do upgrade to latest official iOS version and Apple stops unsigning the firmware on which the jailbreak is working, it means users cannot downgrade to that jailbreak compatible iOS version. It’s a double edged sword only daring ones can afford to walk on.

Apple has ramped up iOS updates to keep jailbreak community under check. This is being done to prevent anyone from developing jailbreak solution for specific iOS version. Perhaps that’s why its taking longer than usual for developers to release iOS jailbreak exploits for public. And this makes it even more critical to keep using the existing jailbreak in order to enjoy jailbreak tweaks as long as possible before apple pulls the plug on supporting that iOS version on which you have jailbroken your device.

However, there are a few ways that can ensure a continued use of jailbreak features. First way of prolonging the iOS jailbreak is to stop automatic iOS update from being pushed onto your device. Another way of dealing with the issue requires saving SHSH2 blobs before Apple stops official signing the version on switch jailbreak is working.

Latest Yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 has been released for selected devices. Although its still in beta state but is stable enough that you can use it on daily basis without facing much of an issue. Keeping your device in jailbroken condition is also important if you wish to download updated version of the current iOS jailbreak installed on your device and to ensure that the device is ready as and when the new iOS jailbreak tool is released for public. Blocking OTA updates is one of tackling with the automatic iOS update issue, which will stop that update notification from showing op on your device. Also, saving SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.2 or later while Apple is still signing them helps you to perform jailbreak on your device anew.

Block iOS Updates from Installing on your Device To Keep Using Jailbreak Tweaks

Apple has made it extremely tough for users to avoid installing latest iOS updates on their devices, however, there is a way of blocking iOS updates from downloading and installing on your device automatically. This method uses loopholes in iOS to block iOS updates. For that to work, install an Apple TV app beta profile on your iPhone/iPad. Now you must be wondering how can it prevent iOS updates from installing on your device. Well, when you install an Apple TV beta app and its profiles searches for updated iOS version for that profile, it won’t find any because there is no such thing available on iOS. I know method is a bit cheesy, but it works and that should be your only concern as it involves exploiting Apple’s own beta program without anyone noticing it. You will find more information on this in our guide on how to block OTA updates on iOS without jailbreak.

Saving SHSH2 Blobs for iOS Version Officially Supported by Apple

This method requires saving SHSH2 blobs for the iOS version that is still being signed and supported by Apple. Saving SHSH2 blobs for iOS will allow you to downgrade when the jailbreak for that iOS version becomes available in future. Since Apple has lifted its game when it comes to ending support for the iOS version that receives jailbreak in order to prevent users from going against the company policy and blocking all routed to downgrading from the latest iOS version to the one that has received a new public jailbreak solution. However, by saving SHSH2 blobs before Apple stops signing that iOS firmware version, you can downgrade your device even after the signing window is closed for good. To check out the instructions for saving SHSH2 blobs to downgrade iOS, read our guide on it the matter by clicking on this link. Do keep in mind that once Apple stops supporting iOS 10.2, you won’t be able to save SHSH2 blobs for it, so better hurry up before that happens.

Apple is doing its best to stop iOS jailbreak practice. But nothing is impossible in life, jailbreak fans still manage to get around restrictions to get what they want, i.e., having the ability to use the software the way they like and for which they have already spend they hard earned money on.

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