How to Play Soccer Game on Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger is the main interaction app from Facebook designed for people to communicate with friends and family. If you want to chat with Facebook contacts you will have to use this app because Facebook has made it necessary for users to have it in order to access all new Facebook main app features. And within this messenger app Facebook is quietly introducing games as well. Here you will get to known how to unlock and play Soccer game hidden in Facebook Messenger. Play games with contacts if you have enough of chatting on the messenger app.

Few months back Facebook launched first ever game on Messenger for Facebook app and this one is the second game that you can now play. Playing it is easy, just tap on the ball to dodge and perform tricks with the ball. Don’t let the ball fall on the ground or your game will be over on the spot. Juggle the ball as long as you can, on successful tap gives one point. More taps means more points. But the problem is ball moves really fast making it very difficult to control it. This game requires plenty of practice to play and master. Soccer for Facebook Messenger is one addictive game that you cannot afford to miss out on. Follow instructions below to play the game right away.


How to Play Facebook Messenger Soccer Game

1 – Download and install Facebook Messenger on your Android or iPhone from links below:

Facebook Messenger for Android | Facebook Messenger for iOS

2 – If you have already installed the app then make sure you have the latest updated version.

3 – Open Messenger app and go to any chat.

4 – Now tap ‘Emoji’ icon and then tap on Soccer Emoji icon the 4th icon on the list of emojis. This will open sports emojis.

5 – Now in Sports Emojis copy the very first ball icon and paste it on the Messenger.

6 – When the ball is successfully copies on to the chat window, you can then start tapping on it to play the game.

7 – That’s all.

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