How to Play Pokemon Go in Landscape Mode on Mobile


Pokemon GO has become a cultural phenomenon, nowadays you see almost everyone playing the game on their mobiles. Whether you are walking on a street, using a public transport, in a park, gym or anywhere for that matter chances are that there is going to be someone around you playing Pokemon GO on their smartphones. It has entranced people of all ages and the credit surely goes to Niantic for developing a truly unique game. Almost everything about the game is perfect except some minor design limitations, most notable of which is its inability to be played in landscape mode. Here we are going to discuss in simple terms the way of playing Pokemon GO in landscape mode so that you can use full mobile screen real-estate to view larger surrounding maps and don’t have to tap and scroll to the desired direction every other second.

You can play Pokemon GO in landscape mode on iPhone models. One advantage of playing this game in landscape mode is you can view maps using all screen space so that you can spot Pokemon from a long distance. Widescreen view of the map becomes really helpful and saves time in looking for new Pokemon in your area.

Landscape mode is not the official game feature, there is a little workaround using which you can turn the game screen in landscape mode on iOS devices, although you can try the same trick on Android if you like. I tried it on Android but it didn’t work, maybe it works on your phone. But it surely works on iOS devices.

Play Pokemon GO in Landscape Mode on iOS devices:

Here’s how you can play the game in landscape mode to view larger maps on iPhone.

1 – Open Pokemon GO and switch your iPhone to landscape mode and keep it that way.

2 – Tap Pokemon Ball, usually located at the bottom of the screen.


3 – Next, tap Pokemon Setting menu in the corner of the game screen.

4 – In Settings, tap ‘Report High-Priority Issue’ option and tap YES.

5 – This will open Safari Browser on iPhone with Pokemon GO website automatically loading on it. Don’t do anything and press the home button to leave the browser.

6 – Tap on Pokemon GO icon again to open the game and it will be in the landscape mode.

7 – All done.

Now play Pokemon GO in landscape mode on iPhone and enjoy playing experience on larger landscape screen with bigger map view.

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