How To Permanently Delete An Instagram Account, The Easy Way


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to permanently delete an Instagram account to protect your personal photos and private information from falling into wrong hands if you ever decide to quit world’s largest photo sharing network. We’ve already shared tips on permanently deleting Facebook account using the best most secure method. Today, i’m going to share a method using which you’ll be able to take everything you ever uploaded on Instagram off of the company’s servers and from your Instagram account profile, so that no one can access the left behind information & photos once you decide to quit Instagram linked to the current account/profile or permanently leave the social network.

The method below will remove all footprints of your Instagram account from the internet in order to ensure your profile information and photos shared don’t get misused in your absence from Instagram by an unauthorized person. Instructions below will permanently delete and remove an Instagram account and will wipe out all data & photos associated with that particular Instagram account forever.

Please note once you permanently remove Instagram account you will not be able to restore that account or photos shared via that account. That’s why Instagram has offered various ways of terminating your account – you can temporarily or permanently delete Instagram account. You can restore temporarily disabled account with all photos linked with it. However, once you permanently disable Instagram account, you cannot create a new with the same username, you can use same email address during the new account setup though.

Almost everyone with a smartphone has one or more social media accounts these days. Some prefer Facebook to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. Some like Twitter for getting latest news and views about events happening around the world and to engage in concise conversations. And then there are photography buffs, who just can’t help themselves sharing pictures of their daily activities on Instagram for gaining appreciation and share smiles. Facebook purchased Instagram awhile back, which means just like Facebook you can also permanently delete Instagram account as well.

How To Permanently Delete Instagram Account, The Best Way

If you’ve decided to roll back your current Instagram account due to security concerns, got bored or for any other reasons, we’re here to help you in deleting your Instagram account permanently so that everything linked to that accounts gets taken off from online servers and your profile for good, after which no one will be able to gain access to your information.

You will need a working internet connection for this method to work. In order to permanently delete Instagram account you’ll need a PC as it cannot be done via the Instagram mobile app. Also make sure to backup all account data and photo on a safe storage device before proceeding as you’ll not be able to retrieve account information afterwards.

Step 1 – To start off jump straight onto your Instagram profile account details page on PC. Click on this link and type in your Instagram account information.

Step 2 – After logging in, Instagram will take you to the page where if asks for the reasons behind your decision to permanently deleting your account. Take your pick from the ‘Why are you deleting your account?’ drop-down menu. You cannot leave this option blank, if you don’t want to share a specific reason, simply choose ‘Something else’ from drop-down box to move forward.

Step 3 – Re-enter your account password to confirm your selection. You’re required to reenter password because Instagram wants to ensure that its you and not some else trying to tinker with your account, or in case if you accidentally selected account permanent account disable option.

Step 4 – After reentering your account password, select the ‘Permanently delete my account’ button in red color to wipe out every trace of your Instagram from all over the web.

Step 5 – That’s all.

You can use the steps above for permanently removing any number of Instagram accounts. There are a few things to remember. First, you must know account username and password in order to permanently delete your account. Second, Instagram doesn’t entertain automatic account deletion requests for security reasons and to prevent scams in which people may requests for someone else’s account to be deleted, you ought to be able to do it yourself manually by entering username and password of the account that you wish to permanently delete.

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