How To Offload Apps on iOS 11 [iPhone / iPad]

how to enable offload app on ios 11 iphone and ipad and reinstall without needing to reconfiguring apps

Here see how to manually use new Offload App feature on iOS 11 powered iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This will help you save storage space on your phone or tablet.

Apple’s new iOS 11 firmware brings some brilliant new features with the sole purpose of providing best user experience on any smartphone or tablet device. New refinements in iOS 11 puts the iPhone/iPad operating system inline with modern advancements in mobile devices hardware and software. One of the best new feature in iOS 11 is the ability of the new OS to automatically delete/offload applications when your device is running low on storage space. You can reach this feature from settings > iPhone Storage > Offload Unused Apps that will allow for better iOS experience than ever before.

How to Use Offload App Features on iOS 11 Devices to Save Storage Space

Credit where its due, Apple has made some awesome new underlying improvements in the iOS 11 intelligence system. This revamped iOS 11 technology will allow the operating system to automatically scan and identify app that are needed to be removed from your device.

Apple is aware that not all users would find this ‘offloading apps’ feature necessary on their devices, so the company has added a manual control option as well. So without further ado, lets jump straight into the process about how to use this new feature whenever you want to recover some storage space on your iPhone and iPad.

Note: To enable manual control over this feature, you need to first ensure that automatic offloading feature is disabled for apps, in case you don’t know about it, you will find the option from Settings > iTunes & App Store and then follow the steps below:

Step 1 – First of all, launch Settings app on your iOS 11 device.

Step 2 – Head over to General > iPhone Storage (on iPhone), and iPad Storage (on iPad).

Step 3 – Wait for this section to load on your device as it require the OS to scan the entire system files to find all the apps and calculate their storage space size on your device.

Step 4 – When the section is loaded, scroll down until you see the list of apps and their storage size.

Step 5 – Select any app by tapping on it (make sure this is the app you wish to offload).

how to use offload apps ios 11 feature

Step 6 – On the app storage screen, you will see information such as App Size and Documents & Data with certain values assigned against them. Just below these values, there is an Offload App option an small overview of this option saying:

This will free up storage used by the app, but keep its documents and data. Reinstalling the app will reinstate your data if the app is still available in the App Store.

Step 7 – Tap on the Offload App option to allow iOS to remove this application from your device.

how to offload apps on ios 11

Step 8 – That’s it.

This will delete the app and restore storage space previously consumed by it. However, the system will keep the deleted app’s documents and data so that when you do decided to reinstall the same app at some later point in time it can easily be done using Reinstall App option. This will ensure that the app is reinstalled with all its previous documents and data automatically reloaded so that you don’t have to manually reconfigure the app all over again.

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