How to Mirror Android Screen on PC or MAC over WiFi (without Root)

mirror android screen on pc over wifi and via usb without root

Watching stuff on a mobile devices can get frustrating at times due to a relatively tiny display screens. Although Android phones are being launched with bigger displays than in the past, but still sometimes you need a full size desktop PC monitor or latpopt screen to watch content. And with the ability to share Android screen on PC Windows or MAC makes things even better. That’s why in this guide we are going to show you ways to mirror Android screen to PC via WiFi or a USB cable without rooting your Android device. This will allow you to share Android device screen to see stuff in a bigger screen in real-time and that too without having to go through the root process. Let’s see how it can be done easily in a matter of minutes.

On rooted Android devices it’s easy to mirror smartphone screen to a PC or Mac, but what if you don’t want to root or know how to root Android device? Thankfully there are simple ways to see Android screen on Windows or Mac without having to root your device.

mirror android screen on pc wirelessly

There are several advantages of having the ability to mirror screen of your Android device on bigger PC Windows or MAC display. It can be really useful for developers who might be in the middle of a coding process but need to check app without having to reach out for the mobile device. This feature can come in useful when you wish to share photos on a bigger screen to a large gathering without wanting to first move them onto PC. It can also be helpful in quickly setting up and projecting your presentation on a bigger display screen straight from your Android mobile device.

share android screen to pc without root

Mirror/Share Android Mobile Screen On PC Without Root Over A WiFi or USB Connection

Before starting the method, you will need have access to certain items:

How To Share Android Screen On PC/Mac Via USB:

This method involves using Vysor app to relay live Android screen on PC. Before that take a quick look at the main useful features of the Vysor app.

  • You don’t need to install any extra third-party tool or app to use Vysor on your Android device.
  • It is compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux.
  • Instant screen reflection in real-time via USB cable connection, which is better than the wireless WiFi connection as it can cause time delays and lags if the network is slow.
  • Vysor offers faster Android screen mirroring on PC than wireless network.
  • It allows you to interact through computer from your mobile device screen.

vysor beta chrome app download

Step 1 – Launch Vysor from an Android app launcher: Nova Launcher | Pixel Launcher | CM Launcher.

Step 2 – Click on Find Devices option and select your phone or tablet from the list.

Step 3 – This will start Vysor after which you will see Android screen on computer.

Step 4 – This is an optional step but you can use this to set your device to connect automatically whenever the USB cable is plugged into the Android device.

Step 5 – All done.

You can now use mouse or keyboard that will work with any open Android app, so that you can start typing while others can see what’s happening on a bigger display screen at the same time. This provides a convenient way of using keyboard with Android mobile apps.

How To Mirror Android Screen On PC Wirelessly:

Google has made it extremely easy to mirror Android device screen with PC or Mac in latest firmware updates. This is to ensure users can get fast wireless, cross-platform connections to share screen of an Android device on a bigger display. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1 – Download AllCast Receiver for Chrome.

Step 2 – Download Screen Recording and Mirror for Android.

Step 3 – Make sure your Android device and computer are connected to a same WiFi network.

Step 4 – Launch AllCast Receiver app from Chrome or any other app launcher on your device.

Step 5 – Now open Screen Recording and Mirror app on your Android device.

Step 6 – In the Screen Recording and Mirror app, select your computer that’s connected to a same network as the mobile device. It will show something like ‘Chrome@ followed by an IP address’.

Step 7 – That’s all.

This is all it takes to see Android mobile screen on computer. You won’t find the quicker and easier way than this one to mirror Android screens wirelessly. Moreover, you can use this method with other devices on the same network such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and others.

However, there are a few downsides of using this second Mirror method of sharing Android screens over a Wireless connection:

  • It doesn’t allow you to interact from your mobile device screen through PC unlike in the above USB connection method.
  • You can see everything that’s happening on a mobile device from a big screen but interaction can only happen from mobile device. You cannot use keyboard or mouse in this method.
  • There will be an irritating watermark sign that will keep showing on the big screen and it can’t be removed, which can effect presentation or slideshows.

How To Share Android Screen With PC Over WiFi [No Root Required]

This third method also involves mirroring non-rooted Android device screen to PC Windows or MAC on a WiFi network.

Step 1 – Make sure mobile device and computer are connected to a same network.

Step 2 – Launch the Screen Stream Mirroring app on your Android device. Download it from the Google Play Store using the link provided above.

Note: Free version come with limited feature. Upgrade to paid version of the app if you want to use advanced options.

Step 3 – In the app, click the Start Now button when prompted to let the Screen Stream Mirroring start capturing everything that displayed on the screen of your Android device. Check the Don’t show again box if you don’t want to see this pop-up again.

Step 4 – To mirror Android screen to PC from a web browser, click on the three-horizontal line menu on the top-left corner of the app’s interface and then tap on the Web Browsers option and note down the mirroring address.

Step 5 – Now launch the web browser such as Chrome on your computer and enter the mirroring address from Step 4.

Step 6 – Wait while the connection between Android device and computer is established after which you will be able to see Android device screen on computer display.

Step 7 – All done.

You can also change streaming quality by tapping on the menu button in the Screen Stream Mirroring app and then go to Settings > Preferences scroll down to Video Preferences and select your favorite resolution from Full HD 1080p, 720HD, or low resolution options.

So what are your thoughts on it and which method you use most often? Share in the comments section below.

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