How To Make The Notch Invisible From The iPhone X


The notch at the top of the iPhone X display has unleashed an uproar as many find it distracting. If you find the iPhone X notch on the front screen distracting, then you are going to find this workaround really useful. So lets see how you can remove the notch on the iPhone X lock and home screens.

Apple announced its latest flagship smartphone back in September. The device started rolling out officially on 3 November. Huge demand is causing supply chain issues leading to delays in many countries. This is the first iPhone model that doesn’t come with the physical home button. We haven’t seen such radical design change since iPhone 5. Hype around this year’s model was at an all time high owing to it being the 10th anniversary of Apple’s iconic phone. Apart from looking visibility different from any of the previous models it also incorporates powerful internals including solid hardware that is sure to keep the device future-proof for years to come. However, embedded notch on the Super AMOLED supported phone received its fair share of backlash. Not everyone was pleased to see a notch impairing viewing experience, especially when watching movies, shows, or videos in landscape mode. In this post, we are going to show you a simple trick to remove the notch from the Lock and Home screen of your iPhone X. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Remove The iPhone X Notch With This Custom Designed Wallpaper

Like mentioned above, the notch on the front panel of the latest flagship iPhone provoked stern rebuke from certain quarters who found it disruptive to seamless viewing experience. You can either train yourself to ignore the notch or get used to it after spending some time with the device. Overall the display quality of iPhone X has received positive reviews from experts and users alike.

One Twitter user has managed to find a way around the notch on iPhone X. If you are not particularly fond of the iPhone X notch, a simple trick can make it invisible. All it requires is to change the wallpaper. You can remove the annoying notch at the top of the iPhone, at least from the Lock and Home screens. Thanks to Alex Huberman who shared a new wallpaper on Twitter that removes the notch from the iPhone X’s front display.

All you have to do is to download the wallpaper from this link here and set it as your Home and Lock screen wallpaper. Huberman says that in order to make it work, apply the wallpaper as a Still image. In addition, pinch the image and drag it as far as possible. Once done, apply all the necessary changes to set it as your wallpaper. The wallpaper appears the same as the stock live wallpaper on iPhone X.

remove iphone x notch wallpaper

In case you were wondering, the notch at the top has several sensors under it. These sensors perform various functions. There is an ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, Facial recognition sensor (TrueDepth Camera for making a map of your face for Face ID to work), selfie camera sensor, and more. Another use of the TrueDepth Camera is to create Animojis.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to share whether the trick worked on your iPhone X in the comments section below.

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