How To Make Ringtones From Songs In iPhone Music Library [Without Jailbreak]


Apple has now made it easy for iOS users to make custom ringtones directly from songs saved in Music library without needing any ringtone maker app or jailbreak. Here we are going to show you how to create ringtones from songs in the music library of iPhone without jailbreak or using a third-party tool.

Thanks to the changes made by Apple in the updated GarageBand app you can quickly make ringtones without jailbreaking iPhone. One of the hidden gems in the latest version is the new feature that you can use to create your own ringtones from songs saved in the music library and no jailbreak is required to do so.

Updated version of the iOS GarageBand has a new option that you can use to create text and ring tones directly on iPhone from songs in the music library without having to connect it to computer, jailbreaking your device, or a third-party app.

make ringtones directly on iphone without jailbreak

How to Make Ring Tones Directly on iPhone Without Jailbreak, Third-Party App or Computer

Although the process may require some getting used to but by carefully reading the steps below and repeating the guide for creating a couple of ringtones yourself it should be straight forward after that.

Step 1 – Open the GarageBand app on iPhone.

Step 2 – Swipe to the Audio Recorder option and tap on it.

Step 3 – Tap on the icon second from the left in the top row. The one that look like horizontal tiles.

Step 4 – Now tap on the triangle looking icon just right to the Record (red color) button.

Step 5 – Next, tap the + icon on the right corner of the interface.

Step 6 – Tap Section A followed by turning the Automatic toggle to ON position and tap Done.

Step 7 – Now tap on the loop icon situated next the settings icon on the top right corner. And then, select Music and choose the track whose ringtone you wish to create.

Step 8 – Tap and hold on the track which will open the timeline view – keep on pressing on the screen. Move the track to the beginning to the beginning of the timeline and let go.

Step 9 – This will import the entire track. In order to create a ringtone, you need to cut it down to 30 seconds.

Step 10 – Select from either end and drag inwards or part of the track your want to convert into ringtone. Then, drag the seeker at the top of the timeline to your preferred starting point, double-tap the track and then select Split. This will make a scissor icon show over the selected portion of the track, now hold and swipe it downward to cut. After that repeat the same to select the end of the ringtone before double tapping on the selections you don’t want included in the ringtone and select Delete.

Step 11 – Tap and hold the remaining audio and move it to the beginning of the timeline.

Step 12 – Select the downward facing arrow on the top-left corner of the interface and select My Songs to save the tune.

Step 13 – Once saved, tap and hold the tune again before tapping the share icon and choose Ringtone as the destination.

Step 14 – Give tone a name and select the tone from the Settings app like any other ringtone.

That’s all. If you are still facing issues during the process, drop your questions in the comments section below.

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