How To Make Android Look Like iOS – Tips & Tricks


Android is very flexible operating system, you can change the way it looks and functions on your device. That’s the beauty of Android that attracts users to the platform, which helped it to command the largest smartphone market share in the world. And this customization feature of Android also enables users to change its appearance, create new wallpapers and more, but with time you wish to accomplish more on Android device. Today, i am going to share some tips & tricks using which you can transform the way Android looks on your device and make Android look like iOS to give your device a new vibe. I understand the Android and iOS rivalry between both sets of fans but it only changes the way Android look and adds some interesting features. Give it a go before being angry at the thought of having iOS like appearance on Android.

Here are some ways you can make Android look like iOS:

Change Icons Look

Download ZenUI Launcher and Theme Wallpapers app from Google Play Store on your Android device and install the app. Now open ZenUI app and tap anywhere on the screen and hold. Next, choose the ‘Home Edit’ option and set the icon size to 130%.



Note: Those who don’t want Android style icons to change skip the steps mentioned from hereon. Those who want iOS style look and feel on their devices can keep on reading.

In ZenUI you will find many native icon pack and theme downloader tools. There is an icon pack called ‘Simple Color’ that closely resembles the iOS icon style.


Download iOS 10 Wallpapers


Another way of getting iOS like appearance is to download iOS stock wallpapers on your Android device and set them as background image. Click on the link to get latest iOS stock wallpapers for your Android device.

Disable the App Drawer

The app drawer on Android is the biggest difference between iOS and Android experience. However, the app drawer on your device could make things more complex for users who are new to Android or not tech-savvy. But you can remove the app drawer from your Android device by downloading a third-party launcher app that has no app drawer. You can download either iLauncher or ZenUI launcher on your device to remove the app drawer and get iOS like feel. iLauncher is no longer officially available on the app store but you can download it via iLauncher APK on your device.

Download the launcher app and install it on your Android device. Now open the launcher app and set it as the default. On ZenUI Launcher, tap on the ‘One Layer’ option to remove the app drawer from Android phone.

Install iPhone like Quick Toggle

iPhone’s quick toggle is really helpful features that makes it quick to access most basic functions on your device. Swiping up to launch the quick toggle gets things done faster on devices with larger screens and you can bring this iPhone feature on to Android without needing to root the device.


Download Quick Control Panel app from the Play store or click here to download Android Control Center from XDA Developer’s page. From the quick toggle you can customize app features.

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