How To Keep Yalu102 iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Without Re-Signing Every Week

use yalu102 jailbreak on ios 10.2 without signing certificate every seven days

Here’s how to keep yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 activated without needing to re-sign certificate every 7 days on free jailbreak accounts.

It’s been a while since we had a full tethered iOS jailbreak solution. Most jailbreak exploits that are being released these days are semi-tethered in nature. Apple’s tight control over iOS makes it tough for jailbreak developers to design a fully tethered solution that’s simple enough for everyone to understand and use. Sometimes things regarding jailbreak processes get little difficult to understand even for the experienced jailbreak users let alone those who are new to iOS jailbreak scene. Since most modern jailbreak are semi-tethered and if you are using one on your device linked to a free Apple developer account, you are required to re-jailbreak after every seven days by re-signing jailbreak app certificate on your device.

Although Luca Tudesco has hinted that an auto-signing solution is under development which will soon allow users of iOS jailbreak app with free Apple accounts to keep enjoying jailbreak and related tweaks without having to re-sign the certificate for the jailbreak app. However, nothing is known about when will that solution see the light of the day. Until the release of auto-sign solution by Jay Freeman and Luca Tudesco, you can use another simple trick to keep using yalu102 jailbreak for iOS 10.2 running devices. With the solution discussed below, you won’t have to re-sign the app certificate after expiry, which is mostly seven days.

How To Keep Using Yalu102 Jailbreak Without Re-Signing Certificate After Every Week Or So

Before starting you must note down/know what was the most recent date you last signed the yalu102 jailbreak app on your device because the process below involves changing the date on the jailbreak device.

When the certificate of the yalu102 jailbreak app expires, it crashes and fails to open every time you try to launch it, meaning the jailbreak is no longer active on your device and requires re-signing the certificate of the jailbreak app to re-activate it. But the process below will allow you to re-jailbreak your device without needing to connect it to computer for re-signing the app.

Step 1 – Make sure your device is in jailbreak mode.

Step 2 – Go to Date & Time settings of the device (Settings > General > Date & Time).

Step 3 – Disable/Turn the toggle next to Set Automatically to the OFF position.

Step 4 – Next, manually change the date and the day after you last signed the jailbreak app. Let’s say, you last signed the jailbreak app on February 14, then you to change the date to February 15.

Step 5 – Now, after changing the date, power off your device and turn it on again.

Step 6 – When the device is back on, launch the yalu102 jailbreak app and it should open like normal without any issue.

Step 7 – Your device will be back to the jailbreak mode and after that you can change device date back to the current date.

That’s all. You can keep on using jailbreak tweaks as normal now. But since the process above is still very much in beta phase and isn’t complete yet, so you will have to repeat the steps above after every time you reboot your device. However, this method is more convenient than the normal re-jailbreak method that requires connecting device to computer and jailbreak it again. We would like to thank Alfred for coming up with this useful solution method.

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