How to Join Windows Insider Program for PC or Mobile – [Quick Guide]


Microsoft announced last year at the time of its latest OS Windows 10 launch that it’s also rolling out a new program for Windows users to join and test all new changes in the Windows operating system firsthand themselves before they are released for public use. Purpose of this new Windows Insider Program was to collect real-time user feedback to polish apps and software before they are launched on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Also, it ensures that Windows users are now integral part of the app development process at Microsoft. You get what you want by sending feedback to Microsoft regarding what you liked or disliked in updates, which in turn enables the company to tweak app and program updates according to user preferences.

It is important to understand what is Insider Build Program and how it is used before moving to the method to install it. Windows users normally receive final version of regular cumulative Windows 10 updates on PC and Mobile but there are ways to join the Windows Insider Program at three levels: Release Preview, Slow Ring and Fast Ring.

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You can opt to become member of any one of three Insider rings. However, there is one thing you should note before committing to it that once you upgrade to new update level then to revert back to the previous update version is only possible with device refresh or re-flashing PC or phone. See below methods for joining Insider Program on computer and mobile running on latest Windows 10 OS.

How to Join Windows Insider Program for Windows 10 PC:

From August 2 onward after the launch of Windows 10 anniversary update it would be very easy to enroll for the Insider Program by just rebooting PC or Mobile. But for now here is how to join it manually on PC.

1 – Go to All Settings. For that click Notification Banner icon on bottom right corner of the desktop screen on the task bar.

2 – Next click Update & Security in Settings Window.


3 – Select Windows Update option and click Advanced Options


4 – Under the option Get Insider Preview Build click on Get Started button


5 – Hit the Next button on Windows Preview Builds Setup Window and Confirm your choice in the next warning window.

6 – Now click the Restart button. PC doesn’t start update installation at this point so go ahead.

7 – After the reboot, repeat steps 1 to 3 to go back to Get Insider Preview Build option under advanced options. There you will see a slider indicating which ring you would like to join. Move the slider until the name of your preferred Insider Ring shows on screen.

8 – Confirm selection and reboot PC again.

After restart go to settings > update & security > check for updates to see Updates for your PC. Usually it takes 24 hours for updates to appear on the list. Once available updates will start downloading automatically.

You can add multiple PC/laptops to Insider Program by following above mentioned steps. You can choose different Insider Ring on different machines. You can change Rings after registering with the Insider Program.

To check the Build number type Winver or use Cortana voice command to say Winvar and click on it from search result which will open About Windows window showing latest update version.

How to join Windows Insider Program on Windows 10 Mobile:

1 – First download and install Windows Insider App on your Windows 10 Phone.

2 – Open the app and log in with Microsoft account if asked, Next tap Get Preview Builds option.

3 – Choose the option Slow, Fast or Release Preview Ring.

4 – Confirm your choice on the screen by tapping on accept button.

5 – Windows 10 Phone will restart to apply new changed settings.

Now you have become the member of Insider Preview Program and all latest updates will be immediately pushed on to your phone. After the restart go to settings > update & security > phone update to check new insider updates. Keep checking for core apps updates on Windows Store on Phone for new builds.

To see build information go to settings > system > about and under Device Information there will be Build number, mobile model number, and all latest update information.

All done. Now you are official member of Microsoft’s Insider Preview Program.

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