How To Install Sony Flashtool On Xperia Devices – [Tutorial]

download and install flashtool for xperia and how to use it

Sony Xperia devices are among the best Android devices around. Sony first started launching Xperia devices running on Android firmware almost 5 years ago. Xperia Android powered phones are used by millions around the world as it comes packed with decent specs and Sony’s exclusive apps, hardware technology, camera and other features. Android being an open source firmware allows for many tweaks to allow users to customize firmware according personal preference. Just like any other Android device, you can install mods, modify device performance, tweaks and more on Xperia devices as well.

Rooting is a popular method of unlocking full device potential on Android powered phones after which you can tweak your device, flash custom ROMs, kernels, mods, and that you can use to flash customization tools on Xperia devices. Sony has a dedicated tool called Flashtool for Xperia devices that enables users to perform customization tasks. But sometimes installing custom tools can soft-brick your device, in such cases flashing stock or re-installing current firmware can fix soft brick issue, which is possible to with Flashtool for Xperia devices. Similarly, you can improve performance of your Xperia device using Flashtool for manually flashing firmware. Problem with OTA method of flashing firmware is it takes a long time to reach different countries and regions. While some, instead of waiting for the official OTA update, prefer to manually flash the firmware update before the OTA update becomes available.

Flashtool is a software tool, that enables users to flash ftf (flashtoolfirmwarefiles) on their Xperia devices. It comes to your rescue if your device gets stuck somewhere. In this guide, we are going to walk you through the process of installing and using Flashtool. See how you can use Flashtool to flash firmware on an Xperia device.

Download Files For Flashing Firmware File Using Flashtool

Download Flashtool > Link (with Nougat TFT support) | Link 1 (older version) | Link 2

Download Sony Drivers on PC: Download Here

Sony Bridge for MAC: Download Here

How To Install Flashtool And Use It On PC:

1 – Download and install Flashtool from the link above. After the installation, you’ll see a folder named Fastboot in the driver on PC where you saved that software file.

2 – Inside the Fastboot folder, there are sub-folders such as Drivers, Firmware, Custom, Devices.

3 – In the Device folder, you’ll see a list of supported devices. The Drivers folder has the Flashtoo-drivers for all Xperia devices, in case of any issue you can install Sony Xperia drivers on PC directly from Flashtool’s drivers folder. And the Firmware folder is the place where you save the .ftf file to flash it on your device.

4 – Now, go to the Flashtool-drivers folder and install Fastboot & Flashmode drivers.

5 – Make sure drivers are properly installed because the Flashtool won’t work without the proper drivers installation.

6 – Now download the desired firmware, root, kernel, mod, or any other file that you wish to flash on your device. But make sure its in the .ftf format.

7 – Download the file and move it in Firmwares folder inside the main Flashtool folder. (Mostly its Your PC > C: > Flashtool > Firmwares)

8 – Launch the Flashtool.exe file from the main Flashtool folder in the C: drive.

9 – On the Flashtool interface window, click on the lightening icon on the tool bar and choose either Flashmode or Flashboot mode option. In most cases, you’ll be needing only the Flashmode option to install .ftf file and hit OK.

10 – Now select the firmware or any desired file that you wish to flash on your device. Its better to leave option under the ‘Exclude’ box remain unchecked. You can check preferred option boxes under ‘Wipe’ box if you like. Once done, hit the Flash button to start the .ftf file flashing process.

11 – When the file is loaded, connect your device to PC in Flashmode.

12 – Turn off your device, connect it to PC via USB cable that came with the device while keep pressing down the Volume down key.

13 – You should see the Green LED on blinking on your device, which shows the device is in Flashmode. But if you want to connect your device in Fastboot mode, connect it to PC while keep pressing the Volume UP key which is shown by Blue LED. For older Xperia devices, the back key is used for Flashmode and the menu key is for Fastboot mode.

14 – Once the device is properly connected, the flashing process will start.

15 – Wait for the flashing process to complete. After this, you should see logs, which is shown by Flashing Done sign in the bottom of the interface screen.

16 – That’s all.

Hope this guide helped you in using Sony’s Flashtool properly while flashing files on your Sony Xperia device. For queries, send comments below.

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