How To Install Plex Add-on for Kodi – [Guide]

install plex for kodi add on guide

In the following tutorial, we’ll show you how to install Plex on Kodi or Plex Add-on for Kodi the right way. There is no denying the Kodi and Plex are two most popular media management and streaming services. Plex media player with official add-on is now available for Kodi. Plex media center allows you to watch tv shows, movies, pictures, videos, and online streaming content in one place.

The Plex for Kodi add-on allows you to enjoy the best of both services from one place. When it comes to media players, two names feature at the top of everyone’s list – its either Plex or Kodi. As to which one is better depends entirely on personal preference. Opinons are mostly divided between the fans of Kodi and Plex. But why have one, when you can get both of them in one place. In this guide below, you’ll learn a step-by-step method to install the official Plex add-on for Kodi.

Plex Media Player Overview

Before starting the installation process, let’s start and see what is Plex in a nutshell. Plex started as an offshoot of XBMC – Kodi’s predecessor – when Kodi developers parted ways citing irreconcilable differences. Since then XBMC evolved into Kodi and Plex changed as well but the two pursued largely different approaches. Like Kodi, Plex is a media player, of sort. But in essence, its more of a media server than a player and requires a client to run its content.

Unlike Kodi, Plex is not open-source software. Although basic services are available free of charge, while others can be accessed through paid subscription.

Plex For Kodi Add-on

The Plex add-on for Kodi is a Plex client, that runs as a Kodi add-on. You can use Plex media service to organize and manage your content library while giving you the option to access that library from within Kodi. There is no need to close Kodi and open a separate Plex client on the media box which is connected to your TV. From a single interface, you can access to the best features of the Plex media server and a broad range of Kodi add-ons.

Being an official add-on, it is free from the bugs and errors commonly found on third-party offerings. It is fully supported by the developers behind Plex and Kodi. And since its an official add-on, it is likely to stay here for a long time, unlike plethora of other Kodi add-ons that disappear after a short while due to copyright infringements.

Install The Plex for Kod Add-on

Thanks to the official support from the team behind Plex, it is simple to install the Plex add-on on Kodi. There is no need to install it through third-party external sources or repositories. Simply, follow the steps in the guide below to install Plex on Kodi.

Before You Start

The method below assumes that you already have a Plex Media Server installed on your computer connected to a local network. If not, here is a guide on how to install Plex Media Server or visit official to find more information.

You internet service provider may be monitoring your activity and could block content that it may hold in violation of copyright laws. So, to protect yourself from snooping and slow speed, we suggest you use a VPN software on Kodi such as IPVanish which is specifically designed for Kodi.

Steps To Install Plex on Kodi

1 – Launch Kodi on your device.

2 – On Kodi home screen, clock Add-ons in the left pane.

3 – Next, click Download button in the left pane.

plex on kodi download

4 – Now click Video add-ons.

kodi video add-ons

5 – Scroll down the list and find Plex. The length could vary, depending on the the number of repositories installed. If it’s a new installation with no repositiories, only ‘official’ add-ons from Kodi will appear and the list will be shorter.

6 – Now click the Plex on the list to open the information page of the Plex add-on.

7 – Hit the Install button at the bottom right of the screen and wait for the it to install.

install plex for kodi

8 – After a few seconds, you will a message at the top right of the screen confirming the successful installation of the add-on.

9 – That’s it.

If the above method doesn’t work, then follow the steps below to install Plex on Kodi through an external third-party repository.

Install Plex for Kodi Add-on Using Troypoint Repo

1 – First of all, make sure to enable known sources in Kodi by following the instructions in this tutorial here.

2 – Now on Kodi, click Settings (wheel icon at the top left of the left pane).

3 – Click File Manager.

4 – Click Add Source.

5 – Click on None in Add File Source box.

6 – Type and hit OK button.

7 – Give the media source a name by tapping TP Repo and click OK.

8 – Next, click on Add-ons on the left pane of the Kodi home screen.

9 – Click Package Installer Icon.

10 – Select Install from ZIP file from the list.

11 – Click on the name TP Repo.

12 – In the next screen, click Plex Kodi Connect Repository zip.

13 – Wait until a pop-up saying PlexKodi Connect Add-ons Installed message shows on the top right corner of the screen.

14 – Now click Install from repository from the list.

15 – Click PlexKodi Connect Add-on.

16 – Click Video Add-ons on the next screen.

17 – Hit the PlexKodi Connect.

18 – And finally click the Install button to get Plex for Kodi add-on.

19 – That’s it.

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