How To Install Kodi On Apple TV 4 without Jailbreak

sideload kodi on apple tv without jailbreak

In this tutorial everyone can learn how to install and sideload Kodi on Apple TV 4 the best way. There is no need to jailbreak your device for sideloading apps like Kodi because Apple now allows users to install apps not available from the App Store using this method. So, let’s see how to install Kodi on Apple TV 4 without jailbreak.

Kodi for Apple TV 4 can be installed like any other non Apple store app using the sideload method described below in this post. Kodi is without doubt one of the most popular, useful media app but unfortunately it’s not officially available on Apple App Store because it violates App Store terms and conditions. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy this brilliant Kodi for Apple TV.

Like mentioned above, Kodi for Apple TV isn’t available officially on tvOS app store as it runs counter to the restrictions imposed by Apple on its use on its platform. However, you can use Xcode tool to sideload Kodi onto an Apple TV 4 device.

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How to Sideload Kodi on Apple TV 4 – [The Easy Way]

In the step-by-step guide below, we are going to walk you through the process of sideloading Kodi 17 Krypton on Apple TV 4 (fourth generation) without any jailbreak required.

Before you start, make sure following requirements are fulfilled to successfully install Kodi on Apple TV.

  • Make sure your Apple TV is running on the latest tvOS 10 or later. If you have tvOS 9.3 running on your Apple TV, you need to install Xcode v7.2 for it. Those who are using tvOS 9.0 would need Xocde 7.1 or above version.
  • Download and install latest Xcode. Click this link to get latest version from Mac App Store.
  • Download latest iOS App Signer tool for MAC from this link. Update to the latest version if the tool prompts you to do so.
  • Download latest Kodi deb file for tvOS from here.
  • You will need to have access to an active Apple developer account. If you don’t have one, then create one at Do note that if you signup for a free account, you can only use sideloaded apps for a period of seven days after which you will have to repeat the steps in the guide below. On paid developer account, you can use Kodi for Apple TV for up to an entire year after which the process below will have to performed again to reactivate Kodi on Apple TV.
  • A USB-C or USB-A cable. Get one from Amazon if you haven’t got any.
  • Windows users need to follow steps in our guide to install macOS Sierra hackintosh on PC to get Xcode and iOS App Signer tool.

install kodi on apple tv 4 no jailbreak required

How to Install Kodi on Apple TV 4:

Step 1 – Connect Apple TV 4 to MAC using USB-A or USB-C cable.

Step 2 – Launch Xcode on MAC and select Create a new Xcode project from the main Xcode interface screen. Also, make sure the tvOS > Application is selected in the menu on the left-pane of the Xocde screen along with Single View Application option and then click on the Next button.

Step 3 – When prompted, enter the Product Name and Organization Name in the fields next to each option.

Step 4 – You will also need a unique Bundle Identifier for it. Bundle Identifiers are a domain name but in reverse. For this guide, use com.genetix.kodiappletv in the required field. Hit Next when done.

Step 5 – Save the project file in easy to access location on your MAC.

Step 6 – Now, you will see unable to find a matching provisioning profile error message on Xcode interface under Identity. Simple, hit the Fix Issue button when you see the message to allow Xcode to deal with the issue.

Step 7 – Next, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password that is linked to your Apple developer account. Hit the Add button and login with your credentials. When prompted, enter you Apple ID again from the drop-down box and click the Choose button.

Step 8 – Wait for the Xcode to perform necessary steps for creating a provisioning profile.

Step 9 – Once done, select your Apple TV from the drop-down menu next to ‘play’ and ‘stop’ buttons located in the top-left of the interface screen.

Step 10 – Open the iOS App Signer and select appropriate Signing Certificate. In the Provisioning Profile field, choose the project name you created in Xcode in the steps above.

Step 11 – In the Input File field, you need to enter Kodi deb file by clicking on the Browse button and locate the downloaded Kodi deb file on your MAC and select it.

Step 12 –  You don’t need to enter anything in the ‘App Display Name’ field, so leave it empty as it is if you don’t want to change the app’s name on the tvOS Home screen. Otherwise, give it any name you like.

Step 13 – Now, hit the Start button. This will allow the iOS App Signer to package the file with the required entitlements and produce an IPA file in the end.

Step 14 – Then, return to the Xcode interface and go to Windows > Devices option.

Step 15 – Select your Apple TV device that’s connected from the left-menu and hit the + button in the main interface under the title Installed App.

Step 16 – Next, locate the Kodi IPA File that you created above and select it to install the package on Apple TV 4.

Step 17 – That’s all.


You will now see Kodi icon on the Apple TV 4 home screen. Click on its icon to launch Kodi and start installing your favorite Kodi add-ons for improved Apple TV experience. To share your Kodi experience on Apple TV 4.

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