How to Increase RAM on Android Mobile and Devices


Interest is fully inquiries about how to increase RAM on Android? what many ask is whether its even possible to increase RAM on Android mobile and tablets. Well, i can confirm that it is not only possible but is extremely easy to boost RAM on Android devices with a simple trick that is given below in this post. Having free RAM on Android phone and tablet is important for smooth running of multiple apps running on the device. However, you can free up RAM on the device only virtually because physically increasing RAM would not be optimum or safe for the device unless you are an Android hardware expert. Here you will get to know how to enhance RAM on rooted Android device. Do not try this trick on an Android device which is not rooted.

How to Increase RAM on Android Devices

Before you begin, see if your device meets following specifications for successfully increasing the RAM using the method below:

  • You must have a Rooted Android mobile or tablet
  • SD Card with 4GB or more space, and preferrably Class 4 type.
  • SD Card Reader
  • Minitool Partition Wizard
  • PC Windows

Here is step by step guide to enhance RAM on Android phones and tablet devices.

1 – Install Minitool Partition Wizard

Your device must have a partition wizard installed on it. Before doing anything else make sure that your Android device has Minitool Partition Wizard tool. There are other partition wizard tools but Minitool is our choice for this method. Download and install the tool.


2 – Format SD Card and Create Partition Again

Next step involves inserting the SD card in USB Card Reader on your PC and proceed as below:

  • Launch Minitool Partition Wizard tool.
  • On Minitool Wizard screen, right-click on SD card drive in Disk 2 section and click Delete.
  • Right-click on the SD card (non-allocated) and select Create.
  • Choose FAT32 file system and allocate the partition size (make sure after settings partition USB device still has minimum of 1GB space available).
  • Now, right-click on that 1GB ‘unallocated space after’ option and select Create.
  • In the File System drop-down box, select Ext2. and in Create As drop-down box, select Primary.
  • Next, hit the Apply button and wait for the process to complete.

3 – Boost RAM on Android via SD Card

Now safely remove SD card from PC and insert it in Android device and follow steps below:

  • Open Google Play Store on Android device and install Link2SD app.
  • Launch the app and select when asked ‘select the file system of your SD card’s second partition’, select ex2 and tap OK.


  • Link all apps with the SD card.
  • Now download Swapper for Root app from Google Play Store and install the app.
  • Open the app and select RAM size that you want for your device after which swp file will be added to your device that increases the RAM.

That’s all. You have successfully increased RAM on your Android mobile or tablet. It is not possible to boost RAM like this on un-rooted Android devices; it only works on rooted devices. But on non-rooted devices, you can use traditional apps like clean master, CCleaner, RAM boosters and similar others to empty memory space to increase the speed of your Android device.

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