How To Get Pixel Features On Any Android Device

get google pixel experience on any Android device

Here’s a tutorial that everyone had been asking for on our blog and today we are going to show you how to Get Pixel Features On Any Android Device using various launchers and tools. And no, there is no need to have a special knowledge of complex Android installation processes to be able to enjoy latest Google Pixel features on your Android phone or tablet.

There is no doubt the new Google Pixel devices are amazing. Along with the latest Android 7.1 Nougat, the new the Pixel devices come with really cool features, such as Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher, and many more. So, if you are looking to get these Pixel exclusive features on your Android device, there are ways to get them.

Today, i am going to discuss ways to get Pixel Features on almost any Android device. Before starting, let me put this into your notice that some of these feature require root access. So, let’s get started.

Pixel Launcher

The tool that helps you get same great Pixel experience on any Android device is the Pixel Launcher app. Once installed, it gives Pixel-esque minimal look to Pixel devices. You get swipe up gesture to open the app drawer, quick search for apps, and much more. Google search bar on the home screen, which used to take a lot of screen space has been replaced by much more eloquent logo on the top-left, just tap on it to open the search. Apart from being user friendly, it easy on the battery as well.

Good news is you can get the Pixel Launcher on any Android device. All you need to do is to install Pixel Launcher Apk file. Download Pixel Launcher Apk file along with the installation instructions here (you can find the most recent Apk version on the web). It’s important to note that the Pixel Launcher may not play along well on some Android devices mainly due to hardware limitations. But it does give you device’s interface a much needed face-lift and slick look.

Another thing to note is that the Pixel Launcher comes with the Pixel Wallpaper Picker but in the previous versions it used to crash when tapping on the wallpapers icon but Google has rectified the error by launching a stand-alone Google Wallpapers app, which is available officially on the Play Store. You get tons of new awesome wallpapers with the app.

However, there is one main flaw with the Pixel Launcher Apk file, that it’s mostly buggy which makes it unstable and unsuitable for long-term use. This is where Nova Launcher comes into play. See links below that you will be needing for this to work.

Enroll into Nova Launcher Beta:
Nova Launcher Beta APK:…
Pixel Icon Pack:…

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher comes with Pixel looks and interface and is lot more stable than the Pixel launcher. This is a reasonable alternative to Pixel Launcher. You can get the Pixel Launcher look with the Nova Launcher. You will need the latest beta version of the Nova Launcher for this along with the prime version, which you can get from the link we shared above. You may be asked to enroll in Nova Launcher Beta.

Now that you have installed Nova Launcher on your device, you can proceed by setting it as default home screen: go to Settings > Home and select Nova Launcher on the dialogue box. Once done, head over to the Nova settings by tapping on the Nova Launcher app icon on your device. In Nova Settings, first, go to Desktop grid option and change the desktop size to 5 by 5. Then, tap on Icon input option and set the icon size to 125%. Also, scroll the Settings page down and change the Page indicator option to none. After that, change the Search bar style to the new Pixel Launcher look.

Once done, go back to the main Nova Settings menu and head to App & Widget drawers option, tap on Drawer App Grid and set it to 5 x 5. After that set Icon Layout to 115%. After that disable Card Background setting to set the background as white. Then, enable Swipe to open setting and then enable Search bar under App Search option in Nova Settings menu.

After that return to the main Nova settings menu and tap on the Dock option. Here, tap on Dock Background and select the Rectangle shape with colors set to white and the transparency set to 75% percent. Also, enable Draw behind navigation bar, and change the icon size to 115%.

Now, go back and tap on Folder. Here change the Folder Style to N Preview and the icon size to 115%. Last but not the least, install the Pixel Icon Pack – Nougat Free UI from the Google Play Store. Once done, go to Nova Settings > Look & feel and select the new Icon Pack. That’s it, you’re done. Now return to the Home screen and you will notice that it looks exactly like on Pixel devices. With Nova also including Android 7.0 app shortcut feature (which is equivalent to Apple’s 3D touch on iOS devices), the interface gets even better.

Fingerprint Gestures

On Google Pixel smartphones, you can just swipe on the fingerprint scanner to drop-down the notification area. It’s a simple and useful gesture and you can get this feature on any Android device provided your device does have a fingerprint scanner.

For this, you need to download Fingerprint Gestures app from XDA, install it, allow necessary permissions, and simply enable the Fingerprint Gesture scanner in the app. The app also offers the option to use only the registered fingerprints to prevent unauthorized person from accessing your device content. Currently the app offers two quick actions: the single tap and the fast swipe. You can customize these actions to do a lot of different things such as single tap to go back to the previous screen, or fast swipe to expand the notification panel just like on Pixel devices, and more.

Navigation Bar

Google Pixel devices feature a really useful navigation bar feature, which even animates. If you have a rooted Android device running on CyanogenMod you can easily install the Pixel Nav Bar (CM12 & CM13) theme. If you are using a rooted Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you can get the new animated navigation bar by flashing a zip file from XDA.

However, on a non-rooted Android device, getting Pixel like navigation bar with animations requires a lot of work. Firstly, you will have to install Navbar Apps from the Play Store and also buy full version through in-app purchase so that you can set custom images in the navigation bar. Then take a screenshot on your device with the navigation bar background black and transfer it to your PC or Mac. Also, download stock Pixel buttons from here. Then, you need to use photoshop or similar other tool that supports transparent editing and use it on computer to edit the Navigation bar and Pixel buttons for making the black background transparent. Once done, go to Navbar Apps on your Android device, select the Custom Image option and add the Custom Navigation button that you have created on computer. Remember you need to move customized navigation buttons from computer to mobile device before being able to upload them on the Navbar Apps.

Once you are done, the new Pixel style navigation bar will show up. Although it won’t animate like it does on a Google Pixel smartphone, but its the best you will get on a non-rooted Android device. Another thing to note is the color of the navigation bar changes when you open up something on your device. If you are interesting, then download transparent Pixel style navigation bar for 720p and 1080p displays so you won’t have to manually create them.

Pixel Boot Animation

Pixel Boot Animation feature is one really cool feature that you ought to try on your Android device. You need to have a rooted Android device in order to use this Pixel Boot Animation feature. You can download Pixel Boot Animation download file here, it works on any Android smartphone. Once downloaded, head over to any file explorer app or any other root file manager you are using your device. Rename the download Boot animation file to, then copy it, once done go to System folder and open the Media folder where you will find the Boot animation zip file. Just rename the zip file to anything you want and paste here. When done, press the boot animation file and tap on More button, then tap on Properties and give the owner permission to Read, Write and Execute while giving group Read permission only. When you are done, just reboot your device, which will bring up cool new pixel animation.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant feature of the Pixel smartphone is really fun to use. See our detailed guide on how get Google Assistant on any Android device with or without root.

Wrap Up

Well, that’s it guys. Those were the cool ways get Pixel features on any Android device. If you think we missed anything in the article above, do share in the comments section below.

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