How To Get Official iPhone X Live Wallpapers On Other iPhone Models

get iphone x live wallpapers on any phone

In this guide, we are going to discuss a simple method that will allow you to easily download iPhone X Live Wallpapers on any iPhone. If you are a wallpaper enthusiast and don’t want to spend enormous sum on Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, this post is going to be of great help to you. There is no need to own an expensive iPhone X just to get its stunning live wallpapers because you can manually download Live Wallpapers of iPhone X on other iPhone variants. Apple has made these vibrant live wallpapers exclusive to its iPhone X. But you can also get these Live Wallpapers on your non-iPhone X smartphone by following the steps below.

Now give your iPhone display a unique new appearance with live photos and wallpapers. Apple first introduced live wallpapers back when it launched iPhone 6S. Since then they have only grown in popularity. iPhone users liked the new dynamic look which these wallpapers and photos brought with them. Live wallpapers animate with the movement of iPhone’s display, which gives a contemporary feel to smartphones.

How To Download iPhone X Live Wallpapers On Other iPhone Models

Apple launched a new set of live wallpapers with iPhone X. But as in the past, company made these exclusive only to the new $1000 plus device, which is certainly not within the reach of many around the world. So if you cannot afford to buy a new iPhone X yet, and still want to get your hands on its awesome new live wallpapers on older iPhone devices, then follow the steps below:

1 – Best and free way to get official iPhone X exclusive live wallpapers is to download the imgur application. It is available free on App Store.

2 – Now, visit this link on your device that redirects you to the videos in Safari browser.

3 – Next, tap the Open in App option from the top of the page.

4 – When it launches in the imgur app, save video files to your device’s Camera Roll from the app.

5 – Now download intoLive free app from App Store. This app will be needed to convert the videos that you just saved in the previous step into Live Photos. For that, open video files in the app one after the other, then tap on them for preview, after that hit the right -> arrow symbol on top right corner of the interface and select “No repeat” option. Wait while a preview is being generated in the background and once it shows up, tap on “Save Live Photos” to your Camera Roll.

6 – You can now follow the usual method of accessing wallpapers on iPhone and select the newly downloaded live videos as live wallpaper.

7 – That’s it.

You can use the above method to set iPhone X live wallpapers on 3D touch enabled iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices.

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