How To Get More Memory On Your iPhone With This Simple Hack Trick


Do you constant face low memory storage on your iPhone? If yes, there’s a simple trick to get more memory on your iPhone and no you don’t need to jailbreak your device in order to free up iPhone memory using the workaround we’re going to share in this post. This simple iPhone hack trick involves downloading a huge app (with relatively larger file size), which tricks your iPhone handset into providing more storage required for the installation to complete successfully. Fill up your phone with more data to get more free space. Sounds confusing, right? Don’t worry, keep on reading as we’re going to show you how to implement this trick on your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 6, 6S, iPhone 5, 5C and iPhone SE to get more free space on iPhone. Forget about deleting photos, videos, and music ever again to get extra storage on iPhone.

Many iPhone users don’t know that by installing an app of a size larger than the free space available on your device triggers the iPhone feature that automatically deletes unused app data to make room for the new download. Once the free space is created, you can then simply delete the new app. This Apple iPhone hack tricks device into thinking there’s more storage space.


How To Get Extra Storage on iPhone

If you need more storage space on iPhone, all you need to do is to download another app. This iPhone hack trick works by tricking the device’s software into spring-cleaning the memory to free up room for the new app.

Mobile apps have cache of data that wastes memory space on your device. But with this new trick, shared by Thorin Klosowski, a renowned hacking expert at Lifehacker, removes all used data.

As soon as you try to install a large app with download size more than the available space, the iOS software will automatically initiates a process of cleaning any unused app data.

Now, once the space is cleared out, you can simple stop the download of the new app, or delete it after it’s been installed on your iPhone.


You can check the changes in the storage levels in iOS by navigating to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Available. The size of each app already installed on your device will keep changing as the iOS software goes about its business of removing unused data on iPhone.

Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker suggests use Hearthstone, which is a large app, at 1.89 GB and is a free app. Or you can use any other large size iOS app or game. According to Thorin Klosowski at Lifehacker, “Go ahead and cancel the Hearthstone download after the space is freed up or delete it when it’s finished downloading.” He further said, “Doing this, i went from 700MB available to 2.29GB.”

It’s possible that future versions of iOS may block this loophole and fix this hack which may prevent this trick to work, but for now, its the best free method for getting some extra storage space on iPhone without jailbreak.

To manually free up storage and check how much free storage each app is taking, head over to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.

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