How To Get Live Video Streaming Feature On iMessage App For iPhone

vidicast live streaming for ios imessage app

Live video streaming in in vogue these days. Modern day smartphone users love sharing live videos with their social media circle and this ever growing trends has spawned thousands of apps across platforms that are dedicated to help phone users to share live streams of their videos with followers. However, there is also a sizable segment of users who value privacy over public attention when it comes to sharing streams of their live video feeds. If you count yourself among such users then we have just the solution you have been looking for because you can now add live video streaming feature and use it on the iMessage app on iPhone.

A new iMessage app, called Vidicast, was recently released that makes it possible for users to live broadcast video without leaving current iMessage thread they are on. This is how it works: you send a broadcast attacked with an invitation, the recipient then taps on the accept invitation to start watching the live stream right from withing the iOS Messages app.

The moment an invitation is delivered, the recording starts playing on the receiver’s end. You can choose to pick front or back camera to broadcast. Both send and receiver can continue to exchange texts while broadcast plays side by side.

As is the norm with all iMessage app extensions, this new broadcast app needs to installed on both sender and receiver devices for it to work, which could perhaps also impact the changes of its widespread use.

But if you value privacy and only want to share live video streaming with particular friends or family member, there are not many better tools available on iOS than this new Vidicast. This could be an effective alternative to Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube video streaming services that don’t offer the same level of privacy as Vidicast. Some might say FaceTime already offers same features so what’s the point of this new tool. Well, for one, it allows you to share/broadcast video streams without leaving the iMessage app.

add live video broadcast in imessage app for iphone

Another great advantage that Vidicast has over FaceTime is that it lets users broadcast to multiple recipients at the same time via a group iMessage thread. As for video calling, the app offers complete control to users as to when to play broadcast; you can choose to play video right away or later at leisure time. Moreover, if you have just joined the live broadcast, you can choose to watch it from the beginning to catch up on the missing bits even when the video is still being broadcast live. Official app description fails to mention for how long each video remain on the cloud servers, but there is an option to remove unwanted videos manually whenever you like.

You can download Vidicast from the App Store. Click on this download link here to get the latest Vidicast for iMessage from the Apple app store.

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