How To Get In App Purchases On Android Free Using Lucky Patcher Apk

hack Android apps and games with lucky patcher

Lucky Patcher for Android users often find it a bit hard to unlock in-app purchases for free using the app. In this tutorial we are going to share two easy ways you can use to hack in-app purchases on Android apps and games using Lucky Patcher Apk app. It really not that difficult to enable in-app purchases using Lucky Patcher Chelpus tool.

Before starting, let me make it clear that Lucky Patcher for Android requires certain conditions to be met in order to work. Moreover, it works mainly for hacking in-app purchases on selected free Android apps and games. So, if the app whose in-app purchases you are looking to unlocking and is supported by Lucky Patcher, you might be able to save some money that would otherwise have been wasted on unlocking too many in-app purchases. You can find the list of supported Android apps in the Lucky Patcher app itself.

How To Hack App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher

Before starting with the app hack method, it’s important that you download and install latest Lucky Patcher for Android and have it fully working. You can find the instructions for downloading and installing Lucky Patcher here. Another thing to note is that Lucky Patcher works on Rooted Android Devices only. Your device should be rooted to be able to use it, however app hack via Lucky Patcher might work on some Android devices without root as well. See instructions in this link to quickly root any Android device.

Once your are done installing Lucky Patcher onto your device, follow the steps in below to hack in app purchases with lucky patcher for Android.

Method 1 –

1 – Open Lucky Patcher Apk app on your device.

2 – Make sure to grant it Root access when prompted.

3 – Next, minimize Lucky Patcher or close it altogether.

4 – Open the app whose in-app purchases you wish to hack.

5 – Go to the app’s purchase store or section and click on buy or any other button required for making in-app purchases.

6 – Now, Lucky Patcher app will automatically open up on your device instead of the usual Google in-app purchase box.

7 – In Lucky Patcher app interface, you will see Do you want to try to get this app for free message. Simply click Yes when prompted.

Note: Users of non-rooted Android devices can click on Send reply to application (Unsigned).

8 – That’s all

You have successfully hacked the in-app purchases. If the app is supported by Lucky Patcher, you will be able to download items and upgrades for free along with all locked features.

This features gets enabled automatically when you install Lucky Patcher. If you want to disable it, here’s how to do it:

  • Open Lucky Patcher.
  • Go to Toolbox at the bottom-left corner of the Lucky Patcher screen.
  • Select Disable google Billing emulation option.
  • That’s all.

Method 2 –

1 – Launch Lucky Patcher Apk app on your Android device.

2 – Open the app who wish to hack.

3 – For app with in-app purchases, you will see In app purchases found just below the app.

4 – Tap on the app and then tap on Open menu of patches option.

5 – Next, select Support patch for In app and LVL emulation and hit apply button.

6 – Wait for it to do its thing in the background after which your device will reboot.

7 – That’s all.

From now onward you won’t see Google’s in-app purchase option which you used to access for unlocking app’s features. You can buy anything for free now with Lucky Patcher. You can also use Lucky Patcher to remove ads from apps, remove app license verification and more.

Send queries in the comments section below if you are having difficulties in getting the above methods to work on your device to get in app purchases on Android free.

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