How to Get First Ever Android N Easter Egg


Android Easter Egg are a pack of mini games that Google doesn’t release on new Android OS versions. But if you have been among the lucky ones already using Google next Android N mobile OS then chances are that you might have noticed that Easter Egg mini games absent from the developer preview version of Android Nougat. But finally with latest Android N developer preview version 5 released earlier this week came a pleasant surprise i.e. the inclusion of Android 7.0 Easter Egg.

However, in Android 7.0 it not as straight forward to install Easter Egg as it used to be in previous versions. You need to follow a little workaround trick to be able to play Flappy-bird like games on Android.


Go to the Settings menu tap on About Phone and then Android Version. Tap this option repeatedly to open Android N logo. After that long press N in Android N logo which should bring up a tiny cat emoji on the screen.

After this swipe down from the top to open ‘Quick Settings’ and tap Edit. Now there should be ‘???? Android Easter Egg’ option and drag and drop it to the quick settings menu and see the fun starting to unfold.

Next Hit the home button and then drag down the quick settings menu from the top of the screen again which should have a new option ‘Empty Plate’, tap on it and this brings up four options: Bits, Chicken, Fish, Treat.


Pick one of the options. If you get a notification on your lock screen from Android saying ‘A cat is here’ it means you have lured the cat which you can then share on share it on social media and rename it.

Remember treats don’t always work because the fun bit is to try different treats to lure the cat. When it works, you get a notification saying ‘cat is here’ with different cats listed below it. Tap on this notification to open a new screen with a cat icon, when you long-press the cat icon sharing option opens up.

You have the option of saving HD cat image on your device and share it on social media. See guide video below.

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